Killer Fish

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Killer Fish
Directed by Antonio Margheriti
Produced by Alex Ponti
Written by Michael Rogers
Starring Lee Majors
Karen Black
Margaux Hemingway
Marisa Berenson
James Franciscus
Music by Guido De Angelis
Maurizio De Angelis
Cinematography Alberto Spagnoli
Distributed by Associated Film Distribution (USA)
Release dates December 7, 1979
Running time 101 min.
Country Italy, Brazil
Language English

Killer Fish is an Italian-Brazilian horror movie directed by Antonio Margheriti in 1978. The film, like many monster movies of the 1970s and 1980s, is very similar to Jaws.[citation needed]


The mastermind behind a precision theft of priceless emeralds decides to hide the jewels at the bottom of a reservoir he's secretly stocked with savage deadly piranha. Retrieving the gems turns to be a caper in itself since the group is now torn by suspicion and jealousy. Several gang members try to recover the loot on their own, only to become screaming victims of the insatiable horde of killer fish. The treasure is down there just waiting to be brought up. To get them, everyone must face the inescapable terror of thousands of man-eating creatures.


Filming Locations[edit]

The film was made on location in Angra Dos Reis and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.


Despite the low budget, Killer Fish has received generally positive reviews by critics, and currently has an 60% positive score at Rotten Tomatoes from the general audience.

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