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For the sport, see Killerball (sport).
Developer(s) Microids
Publisher(s) Microids
Platform(s) Atari ST, Amiga 500/600 (OCS/ECS), Amstrad CPC, DOS
Release date(s) 1989
Genre(s) Action, Sports
Mode(s) single player

Killerball is a futuristic Action/Sport game developed by Microïds in 1989 which blends American football with roller-skating. This violent game is played in a circular rink where each 5-man team tries to score by putting the ball into the hole of the opposing team. Taking the ball from an opponent can only be done by knocking him down.


Swedish Game[edit]

Main article: Killerball (sport)

Killerball is also the name of a Swedish ball sport, used in PE. The goal of the sport is to throw a soft ball directly upon the other players, and thereby "kill" them.

Other uses[edit]

Killerball is also the name of a sport that blends rugby, American football, football (soccer) and hints of others, developed in England by those behind the 'code of crunk'.

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