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Killing Pablo book cover

Killing Pablo is a book written by Mark Bowden detailing the efforts by both the United States government and the Colombian government to stop illegal activities committed by Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and his subordinates.

Bowden originally reported this story in a 31 part series published in The Philadelphia Inquirer and in a companion documentary of the same title that aired on CNN.

Wild Eyes Productions produced a documentary for The History Channel in 2002 titled, The True Story Of Killing Pablo featuring Bowden.

A film titled Killing Pablo was being developed by producers Bob Yari and Mark Gordon. A film has yet to be produced.

The book appeared in an episode of AMC's Breaking Bad (season 3, episode 8, 'I See You'). Walter Jr. states that he was given the book by his uncle, Hank, a DEA agent. In the episode, Hank is in hospital after being shot by members of a Mexican drug cartel.


The film adaptation was to be directed and written by Joe Carnahan, but the film's producer, Bob Yari, filed for bankruptcy in 2008.[1]


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