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This article is about the performing artist that uses the alias "The Impossible Girl". For the Doctor Who story arc, see Story arcs in Doctor Who.
Kim Boekbinder
Birth name Kim Kirstin Boekbinder
Also known as The Impossible Girl
Born Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Genres Alternative rock
Dream Pop
Wonky Pop
Occupation(s) Artist, performer, musician, songwriter
Instruments Voice, guitar, percussion, ukulele, keyboard/piano
Years active 2005–present
Labels None
Associated acts Vermillion Lies
Molly Crabapple
Amanda Palmer

Kim Boekbinder is a Canadian-born musician who performs under the alias The Impossible Girl[1] which is also the title of her debut solo album released in 2010.

A longtime proponent of direct-to-fan marketing and social media, Boekbinder gained publicity for her take on touring/show-booking via a Kickstarter campaign.[2]

In early 2012 Kim Boekbinder launched "Mission Control" a fundraising platform to finance the development of her second full length album. Fans subscribe to a private website where songs and writings of the next album are shared.

Boekbinder currently resides in New York City. On July 16, 2014, she announced that she had been granted United States citizenship.[3]

Solo career[edit]

Kim Boekbinder's first full length solo album The Impossible Girl was produced by legendary Boston producer, Sean Slade, who discovered her when her former band Vermillion Lies opened for Amanda Palmer. The album was funded by a successful pre-order campaign which raised $20,000 in early 2010. The album was recorded at Mad Oak Studios in Allston, Massachusetts with engineer, Benny Grotto.

In June, 2011, Boekbinder pre-sold her first show in New York City. The idea for the pre-sold show received a good deal of attention after she wrote an impassioned post for English author, Warren Ellis.[4] The idea was explained further during a radio interview with the BBC News on June 28, 2011.[5]


Studio albums[edit]

  • The Sky is Calling (2013)[1]
  • The Impossible Girl (2010)

Other Recording Projects[edit]

  • "Moon Landing" (2012) - impromptu single with David J of Bauhaus
  • "Music for Stray Days" (2011) - original song to accompany the popular web comic The Secret Knots
  • "New York" (2011) - acoustic single, released in conjunction with original art by Molly Crabapple
  • "Such Great Heights" (2011) - 7" vinyl record with Amanda Palmer featuring a cover of The Postal Service song and Boekbinder's original "On the Other Side of the World"
  • "Thirty One" (2009) - 31 songs written and recorded in 31 days. One song released each day for a month.
  • "First the Bees" (2008) - 5 song EP (as Kim Vermillion)

Guest Appearances[edit]

  • Say Hi To Your Neighborhood (2009) by Jim Avignon - Kim Boekbinder sings on "smalltalkworld"

With Vermillion Lies[edit]

  • Separated by Birth (2006), Label: A Small Tribe Records, ASIN: B000HD1MZW
  • Scream-Along EP (2007)
  • What's in the Box? (2008), MP3, self-released, ASIN: B001BL2JFQ
  • In New Orleans 7" vinyl (2008)


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