Kim Hye-ja

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This is a Korean name; the family name is Kim.
Kim Hye-ja
Born (1941-10-25) 25 October 1941 (age 72)
Seoul, South Korea
Alma mater Ewha Womans University
Years active 1963 - present
Korean name
Hangul 김혜자
Revised Romanization Gim Hye-ja
McCune–Reischauer Kim Hyecha

Kim Hye-ja (born October 25, 1941) is a South Korean actress. She is perhaps best known for her lead role in the Bong Joon-ho film Mother for which she won Best Actress at the Asian Film Awards.[1]


While she was studying at Ewha Womans University, Kim made her debut at age 29 in Late Autumn which she won best actress in the Manila International Film Festival. She then starred in dramas like What is Love and Princess Hours. In 2009, Kim starred in Mother which is about a woman searching for the real killer after her son is accused of murder.


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