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Kim Iverson
Kim Iverson 2011
Born Kimberly Rose Thi Iverson
(1980-03-28) March 28, 1980 (age 34)
Boise, Idaho
Residence Los Angeles, California
Alma mater University of California Davis
Occupation Radio personality
Years active 2006-present
Agent N.S. Bienstock

Kim Iverson ((1980-03-28)March 28, 1980) is an American radio personality.

Early Life[edit]

Kim was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. Kim's mother is Vietnamese and her father is American of Scandinavian ancestry. Kim graduated from Capital High School (Boise, Idaho). Kim graduated from UC Davis in 2005 with a BA in Philosophy. [1]

Radio Career[edit]

Kim started her radio career in college. As an accomplished drummer and jazz musician, Kim had an interest in music and entertainment. [2] While studying jazz performance at UC Davis, Kim became interested in radio and obtained internships at KDVS and KDND.[3] After college Kim took a job as Promotions Coordinator for KWOD (defunct) in Sacramento. At KWOD Kim started doing On-Air weekends for "106.5 KWOD Alternative".

The WAZY Wake-Up Crew with Big Jake and Kim Iversen

Kim worked as a co-host for the morning show "The WAZY Wake-Up Crew with Big Jake and Kim Iversen" at WAZY-FM in Lafayette, Indiana.

Kim Iversen Mornings

Kim moved to Champaign, Indiana in 2007 to host her own show "Kim Iversen Mornings" at WQQB. [4] Kim left the show in 2008.[5]

Your Time with Kim Iversen

Kim's most notable radio work began in April 2008 with "Your Time with Kim Iversen". Kim made the move from a morning program to a night program when Entercom offered Kim her own syndicated night music and talk show based out of KAMX in Austin, Texas. Kim, then 28 years old, became one of the youngest radio hosts in syndication.[6] "Your Time with Kim Iversen" is a talk radio program primarily oriented toward women. Kim and her staff created the show and its format. Described as ‘a magazine on the radio’ the show is interactive and invites listeners to phone in with questions about their love lives. [7] In addition to taking listener calls, Kim regularly interviews celebrities and experts. Segments of the program include:

  • The Mascara Monologues, a segment featuring a panel of women who discuss issues and answer questions from listeners.
  • The Why Chromosome, a similar segment featuring a panel of men.
  • Psychic Insights, a segment feature psychics, astrologers, numerologists, mediums and the like. (Formerly Metaphysical Mondays and Psychic Thursdays)
  • Drama Detox, a segment with certified relationship or medical experts who give listeners advice.

As of 2012, "Your Time with Kim Iversen" is on hiatus. [8]

Kim was the guest co-host of Loveline with Mike & Dr. Drew for a week in January 2013. [9]

The Rendezvous with Simon Marcel and Kim Iversen

Kim is the co-host of a Premiere Networks syndication, "The Rendezvous with Simon Marcel and Kim Iversen" which premiered in June 2013 on satellite XM 244, America's Talk and various FM stations. [10]


Although Kim's greatest success is in radio, Kim also has experience in television. Kim moved from Sacramento to New York City in 2006 and freelanced as a news reporter for News 12 Networks and as a VJ for Concert TV. [11]

Kim was a semi-finalist and placed in the top 10 of the Live! with Regis and Kelly Women of Radio Co-host Competition in 2010. [12]

Kim also makes television appearances on HLN (TV channel) and "Prime News with Vinnie Politan". [13]


Kim was a semi-finalist in Maxim's 2013 Hometown Hotties Competition.[14]

Kim was the host of the 2011 Austin Fashion Week awards show. [15] During the show Kim also walked the runway for Linda Asaf's Collection. [16]


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