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Kim Won-bong in 1932.

Kim Won-bong (김원봉, 金元鳳, August 13, 1898 – c.1958) was a Korean anarchist, independence activist and statesman of North Korea. He created a Korean nationalist underground organization, the Korean Heroic Corps (의열단; 義烈團) and became its leader. He also served as the deputy commander of the Korean Liberation Army (한국 광복군) of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea. After liberation, he attended a meeting with Kim Gu, and Kim Kyu-sik, Pak Hon-Yong along with remained in North Korea.

His wives were Park Cha-jeong (박차정, who died before Kim married with Choi Dong Seon) and Choi Dong-Seon (최동선). His sons are Kim Cheol-Geon (김철건) and Kim Joong-Geon (김중건), and his daughter is Kim Hak-Bong (김학봉). His pen name is "Yaksan" (약산 若山), which means "like a mountain".

After remaining in North Korea, he was purged by Kim Il-sung in 1958. There are many accounts of Kim's death. According to one opinion, Kim committed suicide by taking cyanide.[1]

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김학봉 is not Kim's daughter. She is Kim's baby sister out of 9 siblings.


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