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Kimaka is located in Uganda
Map of Uganda showing the location of Kimaka.
Coordinates: 00°27′01″N 33°11′30″E / 0.45028°N 33.19167°E / 0.45028; 33.19167
Country  Uganda
Region Eastern Uganda
Sub-region Busoga sub-region
District Jinja District
Elevation 1,190 m (3,900 ft)
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

Kimaka is a neighborhood in the city of Jinja, in Eastern Uganda.


Kimaka is bordered by to the west by the Nile River, (from Nalubaale Power Station to Bujagali Power Station), to the south by the Kampala-Jinja Highway (from Nalubaale Power Station to the first roundabout as one enters Jinja from Kampala), to the east by Qaddafi Barracks and to the north by the area north of the Jinja Airport. This location is about 3.6 kilometres (2.2 mi), by road, from the central business district of Jinja.[1] The coordinates of Kimaka are:00 27 01N, 33 11 30E (Latitude:0.45028; Longitude:33.19167).


Kimaka is divided into the Eastern Zone, east of the Jinja-Budondo Road, and the Western Zone, to the west of that road. The Eastern Zone is dominated by two major institutions: (a) Jinja Airport and (b) the Uganda Senior Command and Staff College (USCSC). The Western Zone is primarily composed of middle class residential neighborhoods and, closer to River Nile, by the three hydroelectric dams from south to north; Nalubaale, Kiira and Bujagali. Kimaka Power Station, a 50MW thermal power plant that uses heavy fuel oil, is located adjacent to Kiira Power Station.


The landmarks in Kimaka or near its borders include:

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Coordinates: 00°27′01″N 33°11′30″E / 0.45028°N 33.19167°E / 0.45028; 33.19167