Kinetic Traction Systems

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Kinetic Traction Systems
Founded 2010
Headquarters Chatsworth, California, United States

Kinetic Traction Systems is a business founded in November 2010, producing energy storage systems for electric railways.[1]


Kinetic Traction Systems' main product uses flywheel energy storage technology developed by Pentadyne Power Corp; staff from Pentadyne joined Kinetic.[2] The 36000 RPM flyweels are originally based on uranium centrifuge technology developed by Urenco[3]

KTS' rail-side device uses a brushless DC motor/generator to spin up the flywheel to store electrical energy (for instance, from regenerative braking on trains) as kinetic energy; later to be converted back to electrical energy on demand.


This system allows significant energy-efficiency improvements in urban rail systems; it has been used by NYC Transit and the London Underground.[4]


Usable stored energy is approximately 6 MJ or 1.7 kWh.[5] The devices can provide bursts of 200 kW.[6]