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This article is about the town square in Barry, Wales. For other uses, see King's Square (disambiguation).
Barry Town Hall at King's Square.

King's Square is a town square in central Barry, Wales located at a central shopping point of Holton Road.

The square was originally known as Town Hall Square after the Town Hall was opened in 1908. In June 1910 it was proposed it was renamed King Edward Square after Edward VII, but as the proclamation ceremony of George V's ascent to the throne had been held there the previous month, it was renamed simply, as King's Square.[1]

Today, it houses the Barry Council Office and Library was underwent much renovation in the early 2000s. It is also the location of King's Square bus station.


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Coordinates: 51°24′23″N 3°16′00″W / 51.4065°N 3.2667°W / 51.4065; -3.2667