King's Trough

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Kings Trough is an undersea trough in the Atlantic ocean. It is located on the east side of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, northwest of the Açores-Biscay rise and roughly 400 km NNE of the Azores. It is about 400 km long, running in a NW–SE direction. To the east it branches into the Peake Deep and Freen Deep. The center depth is 4500 m. Surrounding the trough are high ridges and seamounts, such as the Antialtair seamount and the Crum seamount complex.[1] Various explanations for the complex have been suggested, ranging from compression, a former plate-boundary, transform faulting or even an oblique meteor impact.[2]

The trough, being in an apparently geologically stable region, has been studied as a possible location for radioactive waste disposal.[3]


Coordinates: 43°48′00.0″N 22°00′00.9″W / 43.800000°N 22.000250°W / 43.800000; -22.000250

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