King Cheng of Chu

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Xiong Yun
King of Chu
Reign 671–626 BC
Full name
Posthumous name
King Cheng of Chu

King Cheng of Chu (Chinese: 楚成王; pinyin: Chǔ Chéng Wáng, died 626 BC) was from 671 to 626 BC king of the state of Chu during the Spring and Autumn Period of ancient China. He was born Xiong Yun (Chinese: 熊惲) to King Wen of Chu, and King Cheng was his posthumous title.[1]

In 672 BC Xiong Yun's older brother king Du'ao tried to kill him, and he escaped to the state of Sui. He then attacked and killed Du'ao with the help of Sui, and succeeded Du'ao as king of Chu.[1]

King Cheng's wife was Zheng Mao.[2]


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King Cheng of Chu
Died: 626 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Chu
671–626 BC
Succeeded by
King Mu of Chu