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Coordinates: 49°46′23″N 24°0′38″E / 49.77306°N 24.01056°E / 49.77306; 24.01056


King Cross Leopolis is a regional shopping mall on Stryis'ka street in Lviv, opened on March 26, 2010. It is the largest mall in western Ukraine. The mall has a total area of 116 546 m².

The first phase of the mall opened in 2008, it consisted solely of the Praktiker Hypermarket, which occupied 8,174 m². During the second phase, King Cross Leopolis leased 50 000 m² of total area on two levels; including an Auchan hypermarket with an area of 13 000 m², and over 100 commercial stores: boutiques, household stores, cafes, restaurants, a large multiplex, bowling alley, ice rink, recreation complex, overground and underground parking lot is also included in the mall.

The third phase of the mall will include the lease of 20 000 m² of total area; this leased area will include 130 commercial stores. Also, the parking area will be increased by 600 parking spaces.

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