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For schools of the same name, see King David School.
The King David High School
Motto "Emet ve'Emunah" - "True and faithful"
Type Academy
Religion Jewish
Head Teacher Brian Levy
Deputy Head Teacher Hilary Edis
Specialism Mathematics and Computing
Location Eaton Road
M8 5DY
United Kingdom
Staff c. 100[citation needed]
Students c. 900
Gender Mixed
Ages 11–18

The King David School located in Manchester, United Kingdom is a mixed, voluntary aided Jewish Orthodox academy school. The school has been awarded Specialist Maths and Computing College status. In 2007, over 850 pupils attended the school. The headteacher, as of 2005, is Mr Brian Levy.

The school's motto is "Emet Ve'emunah", which is a Hebrew phrase meaning "truth and faith".

The main funder of the school, as well as head of governors, is Mr. Joshua Rowe.[1]

The school's bid to relocate to Heaton Park area were opposed due to area conservation and increased traffic concerns.[2]

In December 2010, a new school building was opened, after around a year of building work, situated next to the old building. This new development was funded as part of the BSF (Building Schools for the Future) scheme. It was one of the last schools to successfully receive funding, and was estimated to cost around £20 million.

Motto, coat of arms, school badges, sixth form leadership[edit]

The School motto is Emet Ve' Emunah (True and Faithful).

The KDHS Coat of Arms, which the School displays on all documentation and uniform, consists of the harp of King David. The KDHS Coat of Arms harp, along with lions on either side, with the schools motto written in Hebrew beneath.

The school each year elects a new team of Heads, Deputies, and Prefects. The Head Boy and Head Girl have the role of supervising sectors such as events, charity drives, and student council. Their role is also to oversee all deputies. Deputies are assigned to one of the four sectors, mentioned before, and are assigned by the Head Boy and Head Girl at the start of a year. Prefects are used for large-scale projects arranged by teachers, and the Head Boy and Girl.


Following the completion of the new school building in 2010, most departments are situated in the new site. The Music department has their own building on the other side of campus, with dedicated facilities. The Drama department occupy what used to be the reception building of the old school. The secondary building, named the playground block, was built in 2005. This now holds the English department, the Geography department, the ICT department, and the Business/Economics department. The new building (finished 2010) houses both the King David Primary school and the high school, each having their own hall. The school also offers dedicated "state-of-the-art" science labs, fully equipped for both GCSE and A/As-Level science practicals.

The King david high school also houses 2 playgrounds, one nicknamed "the top pitch" primarily used for sports activities, and one more asphalt based playground to the east of the new building, used for pupil recreation.


When complete, the new building received criticism from many, quoting that the building looked like a "hospital block" and that the inside of the new building also look liked a hospital and not a school. However these comments leave much to be desired, as pupil life in the campus is now "new, clean and modern throughout". Students, staff and parents now also say that the new building is "state-of-the-art", and that the new building is truly a fantastic Jewish educational centre (school) fit for the 21st century.

School structure[edit]

The school is split into 4 streams, David, Saul 2, Saul 1 and Solomon. However Solomon sets are split into single sex classes, for core lessons only.


The King David Class is for pupils destined for success, though not necessarily through the traditional academic route.

The courses created for this stream are designed to enable pupils to go on to achieve significant success both in higher education and in the competitive world of industry and commerce. Every child is encouraged and stretched to their maximum potential and most pupils achieve results well beyond their expectations, going on to attain success in higher education.

Saul: There is another traditional academic stream operating within the school. It is called the Saul Class and was established for pupils who attain ‘grammar school’ standards. Pupils placed alongside their peers, following educational programmes designed to match their abilities, respond well to the challenge and reach high levels of attainment. Standards are rigorous and progress within the class is rapid.

Solomon: Solomon is the class for the most academically gifted children. These children, taught with their own peer group, encourage and inspire each other to achieve great heights in a competitive atmosphere. The pace set for the Solomon Class is very demanding and the impressive results attained by its pupils (together with those from Yavneh) now equal the very best in the independent sector.

However up until recently pupils will be only streamed for form classes, whereas lessons are set according to ability, aptitude and general behaviour. Pupils have the chance to change sets, via 2 internal examinations, sat in the winter and summer terms. These examinations test every childs ability in every subject from ICT,to Art.


Every year the school organises charity work for all pupils in all years. In 2012 the charity chosen was zichron menachem. With this the school continually hosted events in order to raise money for this specific Israeli charity.

Student discipline[edit]

The school uses computerized behavioural management software or (IRIS). IRIS is split into 2 sections, positive and negative . If a pupil achieves 3-6 negative IRIS in a week then the pupil will be subject to a detention. If the pupil exceeeds this amount in a week, then a more severe punishment will occur, e.g. Inclusion (half or full day), Sunday detention or even permentent or temporary exclusion. If students manage to get more positive IRIS that anyone else in there form class/year group, then they will be subject to rewards including free lunch passes and certificates.

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