King Dragon operation in Arakan

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The King Dragon Operation, or Naga Min Sitsin Yae, was a large scale military operation in Arakan, Burma carried out during the rule of General Ne Win. The operation focused on rooting out Mujahid rebels in the area.[1] who had been fighting for an Islamic state in Northern Rakhine state. However, some claim that the operation was a front for rounding up Rohingya people.[citation needed]

The operation began February 6, 1978 in the village of Sakkipara in Sittwe district, where there were mass arrests and torture of alleged collaborators and sympathizers of the Mujahid rebels. Over three months, approximately 200,000 to 250,000 Muslims, consisting mainly Rohingya fled to neighboring Bangladesh[citation needed], where the Muslim government of Bangladesh offered them shelter in makeshift camps. The United Nations recognized them as refugees and began a relief operation.


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