King Manisarus

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Manisarus of Corduene
Reign ca. 115
Religious beliefs Zoroastrianism

King Manisarus (ca. 115 AD) was a 2nd-century king of the Corduene, which was a small vassal state during the Roman Empire.[1][2] He has also been described as "perhaps prince of the Praetavi, whose capital was Singara".[3] During his rule he took control over parts of Armenia and Mesopotamia, and Osroes I of Parthia declared war on him. Manisarus petitioned the Roman Emperor Trajan, offering him territory taken from supporters of Osroes in return for his support, an offer which was evidently accepted.[4] Trajan also acquired the kingdom of Corduene at this time but only temporarily.[5]

Map showing Corduene as it was in 63 BC


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