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The King family are a fictional family appearing on the ITV soap opera Emmerdale.

About the Kings[edit]

The Kings were one of Emmerdales most popular families and also the most tragic. Emmerdale bosses had previously tried to introduce two large families - The Calder/Weston clan in 2001 and the Marsdens in 2003 - but they were axed after failing to impress the viewers, leading producers to attempt it for the third time. The King Family first arrived in Emmerdale in early 2004 consisting of father Tom, eldest son Jimmy and Jimmy's wife Sadie, and younger sons Matthew and Carl. They were later joined by the youngest King brother, Max. Within months of their arrival, they became viewer favourites and were set to become Emmerdales new version of the Tate clan. However, by the end of 2008, actors Charlie Kemp (Max), Patsy Kensit (Sadie), Ken Farrington (Tom) and Matt Healy (Matthew) had all quit the show, leading to producers writing their characters out in shocking exit plots. The Kings biggest plot was the Who Killed Tom King storyline (2006–2007) in which Tom was murdered on Christmas Day and 10 of the shows characters were all suspects.

The 2003 - 2007 era of Emmerdale is fondly remembered as a classic period for the show, due to its high viewing figures, exciting storylines and popular characters, including the King family.

Main Plots[edit]

Man smiling
(Left to Right) Max, Tom, Matthew and Carl all suffered horrific deaths.
  • Matthew pressures Paul's widow, Siobhan, to leave the village (2004)
  • A close friend of Tom's dies of a heart attack (2004)
  • Sadie King sets Charity up to destroy the wedding (2004)
  • Tom and Charity's wedding ends in disaster (2005)
  • Charity sleeps with Jimmy and then leaves after revealing Sadie framed her (2005)
  • Jimmy nearly dies after being stabbed with a pitch fork by Daz Eden (2005)
  • Max King accidentally hits Tom while drink driving but Tom survives (2005)
  • The Kings finally get Home Farm but Zoe Tate blows it up on the day they're due to move in (2005)
  • Max dies in a car crash (2005)
  • Sadie and Matthew have an affair (2006)
  • The Kings show home explodes, killing 3 and nearly killing Jimmy and Sadie (2006)
  • In the showhome wreckage, Sadie hits Jimmy with a brick but he manages to survive (2006)
  • Doctors tell Matthew and Tom that there's a chance Jimmy won't walk again (2006)
  • Tom and Sadie are kidnapped by Cain Dingle and nearly die (2006)
  • Sadie leaves the village after the kidnap plot (2006)
  • Tom is pushed through a window and killed on his wedding day (Christmas Day 2006)
  • Rosemary nearly dies after falling off a balcony (2007)
  • Carl reveals to Jimmy and Matthew he murdered Tom (May 2007)
  • Carl and Chas break up (2007)
  • Scarlett's aunt Lexi is revealed to actually be her half-sister (2007)
  • Grace is killed after being hit by a lorry - it was hinted that Matthew organised this (2007)
  • Matthew is banged up for allegedly killing Rosemary (2007)
  • Rosemary is revealed to be alive but she kills herself with a gun (Christmas Day 2007)
  • Jimmy and Kelly Windsor's wedding ends the same way as Tom and Charity's (2007)
  • Carl begins relationship with Lexi (2008)
  • Matthew almost kills Carl with a golf club (2008)
  • Grayson Sinclair takes the King brothers hostage and Carl gets shot but survives (2008)
  • Lexi tells Carl that she knows he murdered Tom (2008)
  • Matthew causes Anna's father, Donald, to have a heart attack and he dies (2008)
  • Matthew and Anna's wedding ends in chaos and Matthew and Carl have a shocking fight (2008)
  • Matthew is killed after trying to run Carl over in a van which crashes into the front wall at Home Farm (2008)
  • The day after Matthew's death, the Kings are kicked out of Home Farm (2008)
  • Carl and Chas nearly get back together (2008)
  • Jimmy is accidentally shot the day after Matthew's funeral, but survives (2009)
  • Carl and Lexi get married despite the fact that Carl still loves Chas (2009)
  • Nicola discovers that she is pregnant with Jimmy's baby (2009)
  • Lexi announces that she is pregnant with Carl's baby but suffers an ectopic pregnancy days later (2009)
  • Nicola goes into premature labour, giving birth to daughter Angelica (2009)
  • Lexi, still reeling about her inability to have children, kidnaps baby Angelica, taking her hostage on the hospital roof-top, in an effort to make Carl listen to what she wants (2009)
  • Carl and Chas reunite (2009)
  • Jimmy and Nicola marry (2010)
  • Carl cheats on Chas with Eve Jenson. Chas discovers this and secretly plots revenge (2010)
  • Kelly causes Jimmy to get amnesia and fakes an affair, making Nicola want a divorce (2011)
  • Cameron Murray murders Carl by hitting him over the head with a brick (2012)

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