Kingdom Building Ministries

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Type Christian Organization
Founded Colorado (Month, 1986)
Headquarters Aurora, Colorado, United States
Key people Dwight Robertson, Founder & President
Mark Vermilion, VP of Message Development
Adrian Despres, VP Itinerant Speakers
Jeff Roberts, CFO
Rob Cupp, COO

Kingdom Building Ministries is an evangelical Christian, parachurch organization that partners with churches, universities, denominations and other ministry organizations to "Challenge, equip and mobilize Christians to become Kingdom laborers".


Itinerant Speaking Ministries[edit]

Kingdom Building Ministries has 20+ itinerant speakers who speak to hundreds of thousands of people at hundreds of events around the world each year. These gifted speakers share a variety of spiritual-growth messages with a variety of groups.

Discipleship Training[edit]

Kingdom Building Ministries is committed to equipping, teaching, mentoring, encouraging and supporting Christians as they seek to live a life of laborership. Kingdom Building Ministries provides a several programs where students can reach deeper levels in their spiritual journeys. The courses are offered for youth, young adults, and adults. Some programs are hosted on location in the Denver area and others are held in regional locations throughout the United States. More information can be found at

Laborer’s Resources[edit]

Kingdom Building Ministries is committed to providing on-going support and training through various kinds of resource materials. These include: books and booklets; teaching tapes and CD’s; notebooks, workbooks and group study resources; articles by Kingdom Building Ministries' staff and itinerants.

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