Kingdom of Snakes

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Kingdom of Snakes
Genres Alternative metal, Heavy metal, hard rock
Years active 2004 - 200?
Past members Bill Gaal
Jason Blackmore
Jason Gerken
Gabe Cardinale
Matt Holt

Kingdom of Snakes is a band formed in spring 2004 from members of Nothingface (TVT Records) and Molly McGuire (Epic records)

In spring 2004, the band went into Henson Studios to record a five-song EP with producer Bill Kennedy (Nine Inch Nails, Nothingface). After finishing the EP, the band began playing shows in the Los Angeles area and began recording new material.

Comparisons to the Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age were the most frequent, which pleased the band. “Those are two bands who I think constantly push the envelope and write great, catchy rock songs. That’s the same thing we’re doing,” said Bill Gaal. “This is a band that really loves what we are doing, and it comes through in the music.” They were compared to the 1990s post-grunge band the Toadies.

After the band broke up, Gaal re-joined Nothingface before they called it quits in 2009. He is now recording and releasing music under his new project In For The Kill.


  • Bill Gaal: vocals, guitar (credited as playing bass guitar on five-song EP)
  • Jason Blackmore: vocals, guitar (credited as playing bass on five-song EP)
  • Jason Gerken: drums
  • Gabe Cardinale: bass guitar (un-credited on five-song EP)
  • Matt Holt: vocals, guitar (uncredited on five-song EP with the exception of lead vocals on "Lost Vegas")