Yugoslavian parliamentary election, 1935

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Parliamentary elections were held in Yugoslavia on 5 May 1935.[1] The result was a victory for the governing Yugoslav National Party (JNS), which won 303 of the 370 seats in Parliament.

Rioting among Croats and Slovenes prior to the election resulted in the death of 16 people during 19 and 20 February.[2] Prior to the elections the government obstructed the Socialist Party of Yugoslavia from fielding candidates.[3] On 1 May Yugoslav gendarmery killed one and injured 50 after rioting broke out in Sarajevo subsequent to authorities banning a speech by Mehmed Spaho.[4]

On election day 2,000 anti-government protesters in Belgrade were dispersed by police.[5] Hundreds of youth were arrested on election day and foreign journalists were expelled from the country.[6]


Party Votes % Seats +/–
Yugoslav National Party 1,746,982 62.6 303 –2
United Opposition 1,076,345 37.4 67 New
Yugoslav National Movement 33,549 1.2 0 New
Bož Maksimović List 24,088 0.8 0 New
Total 2,880,964 100 370 +65
Registered voters/turnout 3,908,313 73.7
Source: Nohlen et al.

Elected members[edit]


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