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Kings Science Academy
Kings Science Academy logo.png
Motto Mores et Scientia ("Character and Knowledge")
Established September 2011
Type Free school
Principal Jane Tiller (interim)[1]
Chair of Governors John Bowers
Founder Sajid H. Raza
Location Northside Road
West Yorkshire
England Coordinates: 53°47′28″N 1°47′19″W / 53.7910°N 1.7885°W / 53.7910; -1.7885
DfE number 380/4004
DfE URN 137277 Tables
Ofsted Reports
Staff 24 teaching, 8 support As of July 2013
Students 140 As of September 2013
Gender Coeducational
Ages 11–18
Website Kings Science Academy

Kings Science Academy is a co-educational free school for pupils aged 11 to 18 located in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. The school opened in September 2011 and was one of the first free schools to open in England.[2][3] The school was founded by Sajid H. Raza, who was also the school's first principal, and aimed to change the lives of the very poorest pupils. London's The Independent said the school "comes closest to David Cameron's vision of what a free school should be."[4] Kings Science Academy has a longer school day (8.00am–3.30pm) than most other schools, and the library remains open until 9.30pm "for those with no quiet space at home."[4] Raza anticipated that eventually 80% of pupils would progress into the sixth form and higher education, and that "most of them" would go to the top 20 research-led universities known as the Russell Group.[4]

One of the school's key supporters is Alan Lewis, vice-chairman of the Conservative Party and owner of the land on which the school stands. The school leases the land from Lewis at an annual cost of £296,000 for 20 years.[5] The school is operated by trustees Kifsa Ltd. and wholly financed by central government through the Education Funding Agency. The current premises were completed in 2012 at a cost of £10.5 million.[6][7]

Financial irregularities[edit]

Kings Science Academy was the subject of an investigation and report by BBC Television's Newsnight current affairs programme on 25 October 2013, following claims by a whistleblower alleging serious financial irregularities, nepotism and fraud.[8][9] The investigation was launched when journalists obtained a leaked copy of a May 2013 draft report by the Department for Education's (DfE) Internal Audit Investigation Team (IAIT). The DfE subsequently published a "heavily redacted" version of the report.[5][10]

External video
Whistleblower sounds the alarm about flagship free school in Bradford (25 October 2013). The 10-minute Newsnight report investigating financial irregularities at Kings Science Academy. BBC Newsnight Official channel. (Flash Video.)

The report found that £86,335 of a £182,933 grant made to the school was "not used for its intended purposes", of which invoices totalling £59,560 "were not supported by any evidence of payments being made." Invoices totalling £10,800 had been "fabricated" while a further £26,775 had been overpaid against legitimate invoices. Two payments (£259.60 and £350) were spent on parties for staff, and £169 was spent buying new clothes for a teacher. The former vice chair of governors was paid for First class travel and one member of staff was paid for a duplicated rail travel expense claim of £162.50. The school trust also paid some staff members' rent and rental deposits and purchased furniture for their personal accommodation.[6][11] The trust also claimed back National Insurance (NI) contributions for four members of staff, including the principal, but no record could be found of corresponding NI payments being made to HM Revenue and Customs.[12]

The report also raised questions about the school's recruitment policies and revealed that the principal had employed his wife, appointed his brother to the board of governors, employed his sister as a senior teacher and his father as the school bus driver.[13]

Christine Blower, the general secretary of the National Union of Teachers (NUT), said:

It is now apparent the DfE has been sitting on the report detailing financial irregularities at the Kings Science Academy since May and only released it today once it became clear the NUT had released to the press its own document outlining alleged financial irregularities at the school. The catalogue of irregularities in the management of the school's finances acknowledged in the DfE's investigation report is a disgrace. This makes it very clear that the DfE lacks the proper procedures to manage and oversee its free schools programme. Michael Gove is himself personally responsible for this position. The public can no longer have confidence in him or his education policies.[14]

The school principal was arrested in January 2014 on suspicion of fraud and was sacked by the school's governors in August 2014 following a disciplinary investigation.[1]

Ofsted reports[edit]

Following the school's first inspection in February 2013 the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (Ofsted) classified the school as "requires improvement" with regard to achievement of pupils, quality of teaching, behaviour and safety of pupils, and leadership and management. Overall, the school was classified Grade 3 (Requires Improvement).[15][16] Ofsted defines a school that requires improvement as "not yet a good school, but it is not Inadequate [Grade 4]."

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