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Map of Osraige (circa 900)

The kings of Osraige or kings of Ossory reigned over Ossory (Osraige in Irish), which was largely a buffer state between Leinster and Munster, in Ireland. Its southern border were the Suir and Barrow rivers, though it originally extended to the sea and its rulers had some influence over the Norse kings of Waterford. In the north it may have once stretched over the Slieve Bloom and reached the River Shannon, but in the historic era it generally stayed to the south of these mountains, the boundary generally being the river Barrow.

In a clockwise direction (starting at 12:00) it was bordered by the kingdoms or lordships of Ele, Ui Duach, Loigis, Ui Drona, Uí Cheinnselaig, Desi Mumhain, and Eóganachta Caisel.

Its main town and dynastic capital was Kilkenny.

The name Osraige is said to be from the Usdaie, a tribe that Ptolemy's map of Ireland places in roughly the same area that Ossory would later occupy. Other tribes in the vicinity were the Brigantes and the Cauci. The Osraighe themselves claimed to be descended from the Érainn people.

Modern day County Kilkenny and part of west County Laois comprise the core area of what was this kingdom.

Early Kings of Osraige to 800[1][edit]

List of Kings from 842 to 1172[edit]

  • Dúngal mac Fergaile (died 842) 802-842
  • Cerball mac Dúnlainge 842-888 Leading his army, he is recorded as having slaughtered 1,200 Danes at Carn-Brammin (Bramblestown), in Co. Kilkenny in 845 AD. In 847 AD it is proposed that he had "Saint Canice's" Round Tower built.
  • Riacan mac Dunlainge 888-894
  • Diarmait mac Cerbaill 894-905
  • Cellach mac Cerbaill 905-908
  • Diarmait mac Cerbaill 908-928
  • Cuilen mac Cellaig 928-933
  • Donnchad mac Cellaig 934-976
  • Gilla Patráic mac Donnchada 976-996
  • Cellach mac Diarmata 996-1103
  • Donnchad mac Gilla Pátraic 1003-1039 (Also king of Leinster from 1033 to 1039.)
  • Gilla Patráic mac Donnchada 1039-1055
  • Muirchertach mac Gilla Patráic  ????-1041
  • Domnall mac Gilla Patráic 1055-after 1072
  • Donnchad mac Domnaill after 1072-1090
  • Gilla Patráic Ruad 1090-1103
  • Cerball 1103-c.1113
  • Domnall mac Donnchada Mac Gilla Patráic  ????-1113
  • Finn Ua Caellaide  ????-????
  • Donnchad Balc mac Gilla Patráic Ruaid after 1119-1123
  • Donnchad Dub c.1121-c.1121
  • Murchad Mac Murchada c.1123-1126
  • Conchobar mac Cerbaill 1123-c.1126
  • Gilla Patráic mac Domnaill Mac Gilla Patráic c.1126-1146
  • Cerball mac Domnaill Mac Gilla Patraic 1146-1163
  • Murchad Ua Caellaide  ????-????
  • Donnchad mac Gilla Patráic Mac Gilla Patráic after 1151-1162
  • Diarmait Ua Caellaide 1170-1172 (lord of part of Osraige)
  • Domnall Mac Gilla Patráic 1162/63-1165
  • Domnall Mac Gilla Patráic 1165-1176

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  2. ^ According to the sources, Feredach Finn and his son Colmán were the last of a line of Corcu Loígde kings of Osraige. At the same time there were Osraige kings of Corcu Loígde. The two kingdoms appear to have been closely allied.


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