Kingston Parish

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For the former parish in England, see Kingston upon Thames (parish).
Kingston Parish
Location latitude 17°97'N,
longitude 76°79'W
Capital Kingston
Other towns none
Bordering Parishes Saint Andrew
County Surrey
Area 25 km2 (9.7 sq mi)
Rank Jamaica's smallest parish
Population 101,000
Commerce Retail, Telecommunications,
Manufacturing, Financial Services

Kingston is one of the 14 Parishes of Jamaica.[1] Together with neighboring St. Andrew Parish, it makes up the consolidated administrative unit of Greater Kingston. The city of Kingston is the parish and national captial.

Kingston Parish is 25 km² in area, with a population of 96,052 at the 2001 census. The area consists of numerous neighborhoods, mainly downtown Kingston, but also Tivoli Gardens, Denham Town, Rae Town, Kingston Gardens, National Heroes Park, Bournemouth Gardens, Norman Gardens, Rennock Lodge, Springfield and Port Royal, along with portions of Rollington Town, Franklyn Town and Allman Town.[2][3] Kingston is the capital of Jamaica.


Coordinates: 17°58′N 76°48′W / 17.967°N 76.800°W / 17.967; -76.800