Kingswood Villas

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Kingswood Villas
Map of Kingswood Villas

Kingswood Villas (Chinese: 嘉湖山莊) is a private housing estate in Tin Shui Wai, New Territories, Hong Kong. It has a total of 58 residential blocks and 15,808 units in seven phases.[1] It is the first private housing estate in Tin Shui Wai and one of the largest private housing estates in Hong Kong. It was developed by Cheung Kong Holdings from 1991 to 1999.[2]


  • Phase 1: Locwood Court (Chinese: 樂湖居)
  • Phase 2: Sherwood Court (Chinese: 賞湖居)
  • Phase 3: Chestwood Court (Chinese: 翠湖居)
  • Phase 4: Kingswood Ginza (Chinese: 嘉湖銀座)
  • Phase 5: Lynwood Court (Chinese: 麗湖居)
  • Phase 6: Maywood Court (Chinese: 美湖居)
  • Phase 7: Kenswood Court (Chinese: 景湖居)


Phase 1 (Locwood Court)
Phase 2 (Sherwood Court)
Phase 3 (Chestwood Court)
Phase 5 (Lynwood Court)
Phase 6 (Maywood Court)
Phase 7 (Kenswood Court)


  • Residential Service Bus
    • There are several non-franchised residential bus routes between Kingswood Villas and urban districts, which started operations in 1991.[5] It was originally operated by Citybus. But Citybus decided to withdraw all routes and Kwoon Chung Motors replaced Citybus to operate them in 2006.[6]


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