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For other locations of the same name, see Mount Kinka (disambiguation).
Native name: Japanese: 金華山
View from Oshika Peninsula
Location Pacific Ocean
Coordinates 38°17′43″N 141°34′00″E / 38.29528°N 141.56667°E / 38.29528; 141.56667
Archipelago Oshika
Area 10.28 km2 (3.97 sq mi)
Coastline 25 km (15.5 mi)
Highest elevation 445 m (1,460 ft)
Highest point Kinkasan
Population 6 (as of 2004)
Ethnic groups Japanese
Koganeyama Shrine on Kinkasan Island, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.

Kinkasan (金華山 Kinkasan?, or Kinkazan), is a small sacred island in Miyagi Prefecture in north-eastern Japan. It is considered one of the Three Holiest Places of the Tōhoku region, along with Dewa Sanzan and Osorezan. It lies in the Pacific Ocean approximately one kilometer off the Oshika Peninsula.[1]


Kinkasan is 9.5 km2 (3.7 sq mi) in area, and its highest point is the pyramid-shaped Mount Kinka, which stands at 445 m (1,460 ft).[1]

It can be reached by ferry from Ishinomaki.[2]


There is a shrine on the island, called Koganeyama-jinja, which dates from the 8th century.[3]

During the early Meiji period, Kinkasan Lighthouse designed by Richard Henry Brunton was completed in 1876.[citation needed]

Kinkasan was hit by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, the island being one of the closest pieces of land to the epicenter at approximately 68 km (42 mi) away; only one or two minor islands are slightly closer.[citation needed]


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Coordinates: 38°17′N 141°34′E / 38.283°N 141.567°E / 38.283; 141.567