Kinkora (crater)

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Kinkora Crater
Mare Tyrrhenum map.JPG
Map of Mare Tyrrhenum quadrangle. Tyrrnena Patera is a major volcano.
Planet Mars
Coordinates 25°12′S 247°12′W / 25.2°S 247.2°W / -25.2; -247.2Coordinates: 25°12′S 247°12′W / 25.2°S 247.2°W / -25.2; -247.2
Diameter 54.3 km

Kinkora Crater is a crater in the Mare Tyrrhenum quadrangle of Mars, located at 25.2° south latitude and 247.2° west longitude. It is 54.3 km in diameter and was named by the International Astronomical Union's Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature (IAU/WGPSN) in 1991, after the town of Kinkora, Prince Edward Island, Canada.


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