Kino (album)

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Studio album by Kino
Released December 1990
Recorded 1990, Plienciems, Latvia
Genre Gothic rock
Length 48:08
Label Metadigital
Moroz Records (1999 remaster)
Producer Yury Kasparyan
Igor Tikhomirov
Kino chronology
Zvezda po imeni Solntse
Chyorny albom

Kino (Russian: Кино), known by fans as Chorny albom (Russian: Чёрный альбом, meaning "The Black Album") is the seventh and final studio album of the Soviet rock group Kino. It was released in December 1990 by Metadigital on vinyl. The rough demo version was recorded in the Latvian village Plieņciems shortly before the death of the frontman Viktor Tsoi in a car crash. The remaining members of Kino decided to complete the album as the tribute to Tsoi.

The moderator of the TV show Дети минут (Children of the Minute), album's producer Yuri Aizenshpis said that the demo tape was in Tsoi's death car and survived. But the guitarist Yury Kasparyan disputed this and stated that it was in his own car.

It was originally released on vinyl by the studio Metadigital in December 1990. On this original vinyl issue, no track names were given, just the text "Producer: Yu. Aizenshpis" and a photo of the band. A lyric sheet was included, but the songs were just titled 1 through 8. The track names were revealed on the 1994 CD reissue on Moroz.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Кончится лето" (Summer Will End) – 5:55
  2. "Красно-жёлтые дни" (Red-Yellow Days) – 5:49
  3. "Нам с тобой" (Us With You) – 4:49
  4. "Звезда" (Star) – 4:29
  5. "Кукушка" (Cuckoo) – 6:39
  6. "Когда твоя девушка больна" (When Your Girlfriend is Ill) – 4:20
  7. "Муравейник" (Ant-Hill) – 5:17
  8. "Следи за собой" (Watch Yourself) – 4:59
  9. "Сосны на морском берегу" (Pines at the Sea Shore) – 5:16
  10. "Завтра война" (War Begins Tomorrow) – 0:35

Tracks 9 and 10 were added to the 1998 remaster by Moroz. As stated above, the tracks did not have names until 1994, so fans made up their own names for these songs.