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Kintetsu 22600 series "Ace"
22600 series formation at Tsuruhashi Station, April 2009
In service 2009–
Manufacturer Kinki Sharyo
Replaced 12200 series
Constructed 2009–
Number built 32+ cars (on order)
Formation 2/4 cars per trainset
Capacity 96 (2-car sets), 206 (4-car sets)[1]
Operator Kintetsu
Depot(s) Saidaiji, Takayasu, Myojo, Tomiyoshi
Line(s) served Osaka Line, Nagoya Line, Yamada Line, Toba Line, Shima Line
Namba Line, Nara Line, Kyoto Line, Kashihara Line
Car length 20,800 mm (68 ft 3 in) (end cars)
20,500 mm (67 ft 3 in) (intermediate cars)
Width 2,800 mm (9 ft 2 in)
Height 4,150 mm (13 ft 7 in) (motor cars)
4,135 mm (13 ft 6.8 in) (trailers)
Doors Two plug doors per side[1]
Maximum speed 130 km/h (80 mph)
Traction system 2-level PWM variable-frequency (using IGBT)
Power output 230 kW
Acceleration 2.5 km/(h·s) (1.6 mph/s)[1]
Deceleration 4.0 km/(h·s) (2.5 mph/s)[1]
Electric system(s) 1,500 V DC, overhead line
Current collection method Pantograph
Bogies Bolsterless
KD-314B (motor)
KD-314C (trailer)
Braking system(s) Electronically controlled pneumatic brakes
Safety system(s) Kintetsu ATS (old/new)
Hanshin ATS
Multiple working 12400/12410/12600/22000/30000 series
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

The Kintetsu 22600 series "Ace" (近鉄22600系「Ace」?) is a limited express electric multiple unit (EMU) train type operated by Kintetsu since 1 April 2009.

Initially, 10 vehicles were introduced, at a cost of approximately 1.9 billion yen, formed as two 4-car sets and one 2-car set. A further 22 vehicles were delivered during fiscal 2009, with subsequent deliveries also planned to replace ageing limited express rolling stock.

Based on the earlier 22000 series design, each set features AC power outlets for passenger use, and a smoking compartment at one end of each set. Compared with the earlier 22000 series, seat pitch has been increased by 50 mm (2.0 in) to 1,050 mm (41 in).


4-car sets[edit]

  1. Ku22900 (Tc)
  2. Mo22800 (M) (with pantograph)
  3. Sa22700 (T)
  4. Mo22600 (Mc) (with pantograph)

2-car sets[edit]

  1. Ku22900 (Tc')
  2. Mo22600 (Mc') (with two pantographs)

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