Kinto Sol

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From left to right:DJ Payback, Skribe, El Chivo
Kinto Sol
Origin miluakee,wisconsin
Genres Chicano rap, rap, hip hop
Years active 1999-present
Labels Disa, Univision
Members DJ Payback Garcia
El Chivo

Kinto Sol is a Latin hip hop group based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The group consists of three brothers: DJ Payback Garcia (Javier Garcia), El Chivo (Eduardo Garcia) and Skribe (Manuel Garcia); originally from Iramuco, Guanajuato, Mexico,[1] they moved to the US at a very young age due to financial struggle. They rap mainly in Spanish, fusing traditional Mexican music with hip hop beats that makes their sound original and like no other. They own their own independent record label, Virus Enterprises LLC, which specializes in Latin hip hop.

The group's name is a phonetic spelling of "quinto sol" (fifth sun) with a little hip hop twist, and is taken from an Aztec legend in which the Fifth Sun will be the last one to set in this lifetime. The Aztec's calendar was so sophisticated that even NASA is studying it to this day. The calendar stops at the year 2012 as the myth explains.[2]

Los Hijos Del Maiz was awarded the best Latin Hip Hop album of the year for its content and best sales history.[3] El Chivo has also released two independent solo albums. His latest album, Cicatrices reached number 5 on the Latin Billboard charts "Latin Rhythm Album" and it was an independent release with no backing of a major record label.[4]

El Ultimo Suspiro [The Last Sigh] is the sixth studio album by Kinto Sol released on October 19, 2010 on Machete Music. The album debuted #1 in the Latin Billboard Charts Latin Rhythm.[5]


Kinto Sol began when three brothers, “Skribe”, “DJ Payback Garcia” and “El Chivo,” set out to pursue their passion in music. Skribe, the executive producerus Enterprises, moved from Mexico to Chicago then to Milwaukee. DJ Payback Garcia & El Chivo moved from Mexico to Milwaukee, DJ Payback at age 15 and El Chivo at 7. Skribe began his musical career as a DJ in 1990.



  • Self Titled (2000, Virus Enterprises LLC)
  • Del Norte Al Sur (2001, Disa)
  • Hecho En Mexico (2003, Disa)
  • La Sangre Nunca Muere (2005, Disa)
  • Los Hijos del Maiz (2007, Univision)
  • 15 Rayos (2007, Univision)
  • Carcel de Sueños (2009, Machete Music)
  • El Último Suspiro (2010, Machete Music)
  • Familia Fe y Patria (2012, Sony U.S. Latin)
  • La Tumba del Alma (2013, Virus Enterprises LLC)
  • Protegiendo el Penacho (2015)


Compilation appearances[edit]


Album Chart Peak
Los Hijos del Maiz U.S. Billboard Latin Rhythm Albums 6[6]
Los Hijos del Maiz U.S. Billboard Top Heatseekers 10[7]
Los Hijos del Maiz U.S. Billboard Top Latin Albums 30[8]
Encuentros Musicales U.S. Billboard Latin Rhythm Albums 6[9]
Encuentros Musicales U.S. Billboard Top Latin Albums 19[10]
15 Rayos U.S. Billboard Latin Rhythm Albums 6[11]
15 Rayos U.S. Billboard Top Heatseekers 43[12]
15 Rayos U.S. Billboard Top Latin Albums 40[13]

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