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Kinya Aikawa (愛川 欽也 Aikawa Kin'ya?, born June 25, 1934) as Toshiaki Ikawa (井川 敏明 Ikawa Toshiaki?) is a Japanese actor, tarento and voice actor. He was born in Tokyo.


Acting roles[edit]



Voice roles[edit]




Classic Roles[edit]

  • Tōkyō Megure Keishi, a 25-episode TV Series aired from April 14 to May 29, 1978 on Asahi TV. Although the series is based on a French series of Maigret mystery books by Georges Simenon and Aikawa is now primarily known as a voice actor, it is not a dubbed version of the French TV Series based on the books. Aikawa stars in person as Megure, a Japanese-born equivalent to the French Maigret, reinvented in a Japanese setting.[2][3]


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