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Kipper (born Mark Eldridge) is a Grammy winning Guitarist, keyboardist and music producer, known mostly from his cooperation with Gary Numan and Sting. Kipper had his own band, One Nation. After releasing 2 albums with One Nation he joined the Gary Numan band playing guitar. After realizing his own music was going in a similar direction as Kipper's previous work, Numan asked him to co-produce his 1992 LP "Machine and Soul". The album was a mix of Funk, Rock & Dance pop featuring guitar playing from Kipper. Kipper also contributed to Gary's 1994 album "Sacrifice" although to a much lesser extent. Years later Kipper participated in Sting's past 2 Studio albums "Brand New Day" & "Sacred Love". Both albums have been critically acclaimed & feature a modern fusion of jazz, rock & electronic styles and sounds.


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