Kiran Ahluwalia

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Kiran Ahluwalia
Kiran Ahluwalia performing
Kiran Ahluwalia performing
Background information
Born Patna, India
Occupation(s) Singer and Composer

Kiran Ahluwalia is an Indo-Canadian singer[1] who publicly performs her own musical arrangements of ancient Persian and Punjabi Ghazals, or poems.[2] Kiran Ahluwalia won the 'Newcomer' category in the inaugural Songlines Music Awards (2009) - announced May 1, 2009 - the new 'world music' awards organised by the UK-based magazine, Songlines.

Personal life[edit]

Ahluwalia was born in Patna, grew up in Delhi and moved to Toronto at the age of nine.[3]After completing her MBA at Dalhousie University, she returned to Toronto with the plan of being in the financial services industry, she changed her mind and went back to India to study music and then returned to Toronto to build her career as a musician.[2]

Ahluwalia is married to guitar player and co-arranger Rez Abbasi, and currently lives in New York.


Title Release Record label Awards
Kashish - Attraction 2000 Kiran Music nominated for 2002 Juno Award, Best Global Album
Beyond Boundaries 2003 Kiran Music winner of 2004 Juno Award, World Music Album of the Year
Kiran Ahluwalia 2005 Triloka Records
Wanderlust 2007 Four Quarters Entertainment nominated for 2008 Juno, World Music Album of the Year
Aam Zameen - Common Ground 2011 Kiran Music (Canada), Avokado Artists Recordings (United States, Europe, Australia) winner of 2012 Juno Award, World Music Album of the Year


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