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Kireedam 1989.jpg
VCD film cover
Directed by Sibi Malayil
Produced by N. Krishnakumar (Kireedam Unni)
Dinesh Panicker
Written by A. K. Lohithadas
Starring Mohanlal
Mohan Raj
Kaviyoor Ponnamma
Music by Johnson
Cinematography S. Kumar
Edited by L. Bhoominathan
Distributed by Seven Arts Films
Release dates
  • July 7, 1989 (1989-07-07)
Running time
140 minutes
Country India
Language Malayalam
Budget ₹23.5 lakhs (US$50,000)[1]

Kireedam (Malayalam: കിരീടം, English: The Crown) is a 1989 Indian Malayalam drama film written by A. K. Lohithadas and directed by Sibi Malayil. The film stars Mohanlal, Thilakan, Parvathy, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Mohan Raj, Murali, Sreenath, and Cochin Haneefa in the main roles. The music for the film was composed by Johnson.

The film is about a Malayali youth, Sethumadhavan (Mohanlal), whose hopes and aspirations are shattered by a combination of fate and human falling. It explores how society type-casts individuals and forces them to act that part whether they like it or not. Mohanlal won the 1989 National Film Award-Special Jury Award "for portraying young man's agony and pain marvellously and in unique style". Lohithadas won the Kerala Film Critics Award for Best Screenplay for that year.

A sequel to the film was released in 1993 titled Chenkol (English: The Sceptre). Kireedam was remade into four other Indian films; the Telugu film Rowdyism Nasinchali (1990), the Kannada film Modadha Mareyalli (1991), the Hindi film Gardish (1993), and the Tamil film of the same name (2007).


Achuthan Nair (Thilakan), an honest and sincere police constable, has a loving family consisting of his wife Ammu (Kaviyoor Ponnamma), two sons and two daughters. Achuthan Nair wants his elder son Sethumadhavan (Mohanlal) to be a police inspector. He shares a cordial and amiable relation with his son. Sethu is engaged to Devi (Parvathi), the daughter of Krishnan Nair (Sankaradi), his maternal uncle. One day, for charging a petty case against the son of a Member of Legislative Assembly, Achuthan Nair is transferred to Ramapuram police station. The family also shifts to Ramapuram.

Keerikadan Jose (Mohan Raj), a hardcore criminal, rules the market of Ramapuram by extorting money from all traders. One day, Achuthan Nair tries to intervene in a scuffle and he is beaten brutally by Keerikadan. Sethu, who was in the market, witnesses it and saves his father by attacking Keerikadan and his goons. Keerikadan gets severely wounded and is admitted in hospital. The entire market celebrates the fall of Keerikadan and finds a new savior in Sethu. His friends misuse this opportunity by creating a brawl in the local pub. Achuthan Nair is deeply disturbed by this and accuses Sethu of slowly turning into a criminal. Though, tried to stay away from all chaos, gradually Sethu is dragged into issues.

Haidrose (Cochin Haneefa), a local thug, claims to be a henchman of Sethu and starts collecting extortion money from the local traders. Even Ramanan (Jagathy Sreekumar), his brother-in-law, joins Haidrose. Sethu, on knowing this, beats up both in the market. But, Remanan on reaching home, twists the entire story; Achuthan Nair asks Sethu to leave the house and Sethu walks out. The local police inspector (Murali) arrests Sethu on a petty case and warns him not to create any more fracas. Keshu (Sreenath), his childhood friend, tries to pacify him; Sethu is broken down completely.

In the meantime, Devi's parents fixes her marriage with another guy, which Devi is not ready for. Sethu meets Devi, explains his helplessness and asks her to follow her parents. She gets married, and he feels completely lonely. After getting discharged from hospital, Keerikadan Jose decides to avenge Sethu. He ransacks the entire house and manhandles his mother and sisters. Sethu is attacked by Parameshwaran (Johhny), the lieutenant of Keerikadan. In a bid to save his life, Sethu vehemently and violently beats him with an iron rod. Parameshwaran gets seriously injured and is admitted in the hospital. Sethumadhavan is targeted again by Keerikadan and, in a bid to escape, kills Keerikkadan. Sethumadhavan is sentenced to prison for murdering Keerikkadan and hence is disqualified from being a police inspector. Head constable Achuthan Nair reads the Police Verification Report which cites Sethu as a "notorious criminal".


Cast notes[edit]

  • Cochin Haneefa, who had played purely villain roles till then (1989), made his debut as a comedian in this film, probably as a parody towards his previous villain roles. He has played the same role in the Tamil re-make of the film in 2007.
  • Actor Keerikkadan Jose (born Mohan Raj) got his stage name from Kireedam. Famous dubbing artiste and actor Nirmal Prakash gave voice to this iconic character.[2]


1. In the beginning of the film and for sometime Achuthan (Thilakan) jokingly and out of love calls his son Sethu (Mohanlal) a 'themmadi' (rowdy). Later on, interestingly this is what Sethu actually becomes even though Achuthan would not have really meant it when he called Sethu so.
2. While Achuthan prepared Sethu physically and intellectually capable for the job of a police, Sethu was not emotionally prepared. This is what actually turned undesired events upon Sethu's life. Evidence for this argument can be seen where Sethu shows his bewilderment on seeing his father and an SI catches a local thief and beats him.


Year Film Language Cast Director Box Office Notes
1990 Rowdyism Nasinchali Telugu Rajasekhar, Jeevitha, Mohan Raj A Kodanda Rami Reddy Here, Dr.Rajasekhar gets selected as Police Officer in Climax
1991 Modadha Mareyalli Kannada Shivrajkumar, Sowmya, K.S.Ashwath, Mohan Raj M.S.Rajshekar Hit The movie was from Rajkumar's production house.
1993 Gardish Hindi Jackie Shroff, Aishwarya, Amrish Puri, Mukesh Rishi Priyadarshan Hit Priyadarshan's first Hindi hit
2007 Kireedam Tamil Ajith Kumar, Trisha Krishnan, Rajkiran, Ajaykumar A. L. Vijay Hit


Kireedam (1989 film)
Soundtrack album by Johnson
Released 1989
Recorded 1989
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Producer N. Krishnakumar
Dinesh Panicker
Johnson chronology
# Song Singer(s) Duration Lyrics
1 "Kaneer Poovinte" M. G. Sreekumar 4:20 Kaithapram
2 "Medaponnodam" Balagopalan Thampi 4:10 Kaithapram

The film has 2 songs composed by Johnson and the lyrics were penned by Kaithapram. The song "Kaneer Poovinte" fetched singer M. G. Sreekumar his first Kerala State Film Award.



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