Kiribati Islands Football Association

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Kiribati Islands Football Association
Association crest
Founded 1980
FIFA affiliation None
OFC affiliation 2007[1] (Associate member)
President Ioteba Redfern

The Kiribati Islands Football Association (KIFA) is the governing body of football in Kiribati and was established in 1980. It organises the nations football league, the Kiribati National Championship as well as Kiribati's own national squad.[2]


Position Name
President Kiribati Ioteba Redfern
Vice President Kiribati Johnny Kulene
General Secretary Kiribati Kireata Ruteru
Assistant Secretary Kiribati Tutu Teitinako
Treasurer Kiribati Navahine Pine
Assistant Treasurer Kiribati Tuanako Boutu

Teams / Tournaments[edit]

The KIFA has been overseeing the Kiribati national football team since 1979 when the national side started, losing 13-0 to Papua New Guinea.
The KIFA also organises the Kiribati football league each year in which clubs from all over the nation play each other.