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Gender male
Word/Name Greek
Other names
Related names Kyrillos, Cyril
For the musician, see Kiril Džajkovski.

The male name Kiril (or Кирил or Кирилл) is a common first name in Slavonic world, in particular in Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Russia. It is also well known in Greece but in different forms like Kyriakos. (Note that in modern Russian the spelling Кирил is considered to be a mistake, the right spelling is Кирилл.)

Kiril has several variant forms: Cyril, Cyrill, Kirill, Kirillos, Kiryl (Belarusian), Kyril, Cyryl (Polish), Kyrill, Kyrylo and a diminutive Kiro (common in the Balkan Sprachbund).

The name comes from the Greek name Κύριλλος (Kyrillos) which derives from Greek κύριος (kyrios) "lord". Saint Cyril of Jerusalem was a 4th-century bishop and a Doctor of the Church. Saint Cyril of Alexandria was a 5th-century theologian. Another Saint Cyril, known as Kiril, was a 9th-century translator and a Byzantine missionary to the Slavs. He, together with his brother Methodius created an alphabet called Glagolica to serve the needs of the Slavic world, translating the Bible into the Church Slavic language. Later, their students created a simpler and graphically usable alphabet, which is known as Cyrilic alphabet and is still used by millions of people.

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