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Kirkbride is a village and civil parish in Cumbria in the north west of England. Significant remains of ancient history are close to Kirkbride including the Kirkbride Roman fort[1] and Hadrian's Wall. Hadrian's Wall in this western reach and the Kirkbride fort were predominantly of turf and timber construction due to the paucity of available stone in this part of England around the Solway Plain. The earliest recorded history of Kirkbride derives from the Roman occupation period; in 122 AD, the Romans constructed Hadrian's Wall, which incorporated Agricola's Ditch, and was made chiefly of turf and timber in the western reaches such as near Kirkbride[2] and on the Solway Plain. The wall was designed primarily to prevent entrance by small bands of raiders or unwanted immigration from the north, not as a fighting line for a major invasion according to Stephen Johnson.[3]

RAF base[edit]

The former RAF Kirkbride airbase was closed in 1960, and has since served as a recreational aerodrome.[4] The officers' mess became a hotel, and the hangars were put to civilian industrial uses .

Angerton church, 1 km north of Kirkbride

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