Kirschenbaum (surname)

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This article is about the surname. For the ASCII-IPA system, see Kirshenbaum.
Not to be confused with Kirschbaum (disambiguation).
Family name
Cherry by Gulmammad 6.jpg
Meaning "cherry tree"
Region of origin Europe
Related names Karshenboim; Karshenboym; Korshenboim; Kirshenbaum; Kirschbaum; Kerschbaum, Kerschenbaum

Kirschenbaum is a German surname of Lutheran or Ashkenazic origin meaning "cherry tree", written Kirschbaum in modern German (Kirschen means "cherries"; Baum means "tree"). It is uncommon as a given name.

An orthographic variation of the name is Kirshenbaum.

People named Kirschenbaum or Kirshenbaum include: