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Kirsten Rolffes (20 September 1928 – 10 April 2000, in Copenhagen) was a Danish actress, internationally mostly recognized for her role in The Kingdom and Matador. She also had a leading role in Denmarks first sitcom entitled "Een store familie" ("One big family", which took place in a typical early 80s office building belonging to a company which produced make-up, deodorants, etc. Her role was that of an elderly office worker with little interest in modern ways. Her role in the country's first proper soap opera, "Landsbyen" ("The Village") further cemented her fame in her own country. She also worked very much in animation - amongst others she voiced Ursula in the Danish dub of Disney's The Little Mermaid, Maleficent in the Danish dub of Disney's Sleeping Beauty, and the Evil Queen in the Danish dub of Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

In Denmark she was known and remembered as a prominent force of the stage, having delivered many performances throughout her career, in plays such as "Indenfor Murene" ("Within the Walls") which is a classic play about a Jewish family experiencing the young daughter of the family falling in love with their fathers enemy. Rolffes played the daughter on stage and on a televised edition of the play in 1963. Her career brought her from the Royal Theater, to television, to film, and back again many times.

Rolffes was knighted in 1990 by Queen Margrethe II. for her services to the theatrical arts.

After fighting breast cancer and having multiple surgeries, she conceded to the disease and halted treatment in 1995, after which she moved into a protective residence in 1998 where she would remain until her death.

She died in 2000 and is buried in the Garrison Church Yards in Copenhagen.

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