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Kish (קיש qish; Kis, Keis, "bow," "power")[1] (c. 1104 – c. 1029 BC) was the father of the first king of the Israelites, Saul. (1 Chronicles 12:1)


Kish was a Benjamite of the family of the Matrites (1 Samuel 9:1; 14:51; Acts 13:21; 1 Samuel 10:21), and there is some question over whether he is the brother or son of Ner (1 Chronicles 8:33 and 9:39; 1 Samuel 14:51; 1 Chronicles 6:28). The question may be resolved by reading both Ner and Kish as sons of Abiel.


It appears that Kish resided at Gibeah. His sepulcher is said to be in Zela[disambiguation needed], in the region of Benjamin in modern-day Israel. (2 Samuel 21:14)

Other biblical figures named Kish[edit]

"Kish" is also the name of one of Mordecai's ancestors. Many equate him with the above, but some, including Ibn Ezra, argue that this is a different Kish.

There is also another Kish named in 1 Chronicles 23:22.

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