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Kit Hood is a Canadian television director, writer and producer.

Hood was a film editor with Walt Disney Productions in London, England, before immigrating to Canada in 1969. In the early 1970s, he was active editing television commercials.[1]

A member of the Toronto Film Co-operative, he met schoolteacher Linda Schuyler and helped her make a film for the Toronto School Board on immigrant children. The success of that project led Hood and Schuyler to create a production company called Playing With Time to make educational films and documentaries[2] in 1976. The name was inspired by their first educational documentary called Jimmy-Playing With Time (1979). Schuyler has since separated from Hood, and has started her own production company called Epitome Pictures.

Kit Hood has worked on the following:


Dancing on the Moon (1997) - Starring: Nathalie Vansier, Michael Yarmush
King of 3/4 Time (1996) - Starring: Michael Riley, Derek Senft

TV series[edit]

School's Out - Starring: Pat Mastroianni, Stacie Mistysyn
Degrassi High - Starring:
Degrassi Junior High - Starring:
The Kids of Degrassi Street - Starring:


Jimmy-Playing With Time (1979)