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Kitab al-Majmu‘ (Arabic: كتاب المجموع‎ "The Book of the Collection") is a book whose existence is doubted, claimed by some Sunni Muslims that it is the main source of teaching of the ‘Alawi sect of Islam.[1] They claim the book is not openly published and instead is passed down from initiated Master to Apprentice. The Alawis, however, reject this book as baseless and that their main source of teaching is Nahj al-Balagha.[2] According to Matti Moosa:[3]

Kitab al-Majmu contains sixteen suras (chapters) incorporated by Sulayman al-Adani in his Kitab al-Bakura... Kitab al-Majmu was published with a French translation by René Dussaud in his Histoire et Religion des Nosairis, 161-98. The Arabic text of the same is found in Abu Musa al-Hariri's al-Alawiyyun al-Alawiyya (Dubai: Dar al-Itisam, 1980), 145-74.

The man who revealed the alleged book was Sulayman al-Adani, a Alawite convert to Christianity.[4]


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