Kitani Mohabbat Hai

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This article is about Kitani Mohabbat Hai Season 1. For Season 2, see Kitani Mohabbat Hai Season 2.
Kitani Mohabbat Hai
Genre Romantic Drama
Created by Balaji Telefilms
Written by Story
Sonali Jaffar
Fatima Rangila & Vandana Tewari
Rekkha Modi & Mukul Shrivastava
Directed by Anil V. Kumar, Sangieta Rao, Fahad Kashmiri, Muzammil Desai, Anoop Choudhary & V.G Roy
Creative director(s) Vikas Gupta, Sanchi Bawa, Sandiip Sikcand & Prashant Bhatt
asso. creative head
Swati Rai, Priyanka Mehrotra & Shravan Pundeer
Starring See Below
Opening theme "Kitani Mohabbat Hai" by Aishwarya Nigam and Manjera Ganguly
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 170
Producer(s) Ekta Kapoor & Shobha Kapoor
Editor(s) Vikas Sharma & Sandeep Bhatt
Cinematography Veerdhaval Purnaik, Deepak Malwankar, Balu Dahifale & Ashish Sharma
Running time 24 minutes
Original channel NDTV Imagine
Picture format 576i (SDTV),
Original release 19 January 2009 – 25 September 2009
Followed by Kitani Mohabbat Hai Season 2

Kitani Mohobbat Hai (Hindi: कितनी मोहब्बत है) (English: How much I love you) is an Indian soap opera which aired on NDTV Imagine from 19 January 2009 until its end on 25 September 2009. Kitani Mohabbat Hai Season 2 started airing on 1 November 2010. Season 2 is not a continuation; it stars the same leads in a different story.


This story starts with a man in jail who does not want to get a bail. Ganga Rai (Lawyer of Arjun) wants to share his story to the world. Arjun is an arrogant business tycoon who learns the meaning of love when he meets Arohi, a simple small-town girl who dreams of becoming a singer. Even though Arjun hates women because his mother left him and his father when he was a child, he can't help but fall in love with Arohi. After many fights and romance, everything looks perfect for the two lovebirds. Almost perfect.

It turns out that Arjun's mother is Arohi's badi maa, whom Arohi loves very much. When Arjun comes to know the truth, he thinks that Arohi is with him just because of his mother's insistence. He goes to the extent of hurting Arohi by proposing to another girl named Natasha, becoming the cold man he was before he met her. On the engagement night of Arjun-Natasha, Arjun dramatically insults Arohi in front of everyone. However, his engagement with Natasha breaks. Arjun's mother reveals that Arjun's father was at fault for her departure, not her. This hurts Arjun, not because he blindly believed his father, but because he hurt Arohi.

Arohi leaves her hometown, Shimla, for Mumbai to enrich her dream of becoming a singer. Arjun leaves the luxuries of his life for the sole aim of nurturing Arohi's dream. In Mumbai, Arohi meets Karan, a famous singer and womanizer, who first steals Arohi's music, later falls in love with her, and then helps her achieve her dream. After Arjun saves her from a burning building, Arohi realizes that he still loves her, and they decide to get married. Arjun's father refuses this marriage, and emotionally blackmails Arohi into leaving Arjun, saying that if she doesn't leave him, he will reveal that Arjun is not his son and Arjun will lose his so-called family. Thus, Arohi leaves him and accepts Karan's wedding proposal.

On the wedding day, Arjun kidnaps Arohi to prevent her from marrying Karan. She escapes by sending him to jail, but Arjun is freed by his father's friend. During the wedding, Arohi's father falls off a slippery balcony while talking to Arjun. The blame is placed on Arjun and he is sent to jail for two years before he is executed. Arohi's marriage is halted; during this time, she accomplishes her dream, gaining money, fame and property. On Arjun's execution day, Arohi watches her sister wedding video, which is a real account of her father's death. She realizes the mistake and runs to the prison in time to save Arjun's life. However, she decides not to meet him and, instead, returns to Shimla to lead a quiet life with Arjun's memories and their beautiful past.

As fate would have it, Arjun decides to return to Shimla. After a lot of mishaps and almost-meetings, Arjun and Arohi travel to Shimla by train. At the station, Arohi is about to miss the train. She remembers her mother's letter, which says her destiny will find her. A hand then comes out of the train and she runs to it. The hand belongs to Arjun. Back in Shimla, Arjun and Arohi finally have the big, traditional wedding they had always dreamed of.



The show was well received by the audience that new season was started soon after the first season got over titled Kitani Mohabbat Hai Season 2.