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Kitanomaru Koen

Kitanomaru Kōen (北の丸公園?) is a district of Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. It is best known as the location of Kitanomaru Park, which opened 1969. As of May 1, 2008, its population is 598, of which 361 are male and 237 are female.[1]


The Kitanomaru Kōen district was named after an area within Edo Castle called Kitanomaru (北の丸?). Prior to 1969, when Kitanomaru Park was opened, this district had been called Daikanchō (代官町 literal translation: Town of Local Governors?) because many daikan (local governors) lived in the place soon after the construction of Edo Castle. This place was completely destroyed by the great fire in 1657. In 1875, Higashidaikanchō (東代官町?) and Nishidaikanchō (西代官町?) were established there. In 1878, these two neighborhoods were incorporated as a district named Daikanchō. Today, the name Daikanchō is known as an interchange of the Inner Circular Route of the Shuto Expressway.


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Coordinates: 35°41′26″N 139°45′11″E / 35.69043°N 139.75300°E / 35.69043; 139.75300