Kiteretsu Daihyakka

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Kiteretsu Daihyakka
Volume 1 of the Kiteretsu Daihyakka manga.
Genre Science fiction, comedy-drama
Written by Fujiko Fujio
Published by Family Light Association
Demographic Children
Magazine Kodomo no Hikari
Original run April 1974July 1977
Volumes 3
Shin Kiteretsu Daihyakka (New Kiteretsu Encyclopedia)
Written by Fujiko Fujio
Illustrated by Michiaki Tanaka
Published by Shogakukan
Demographic Children
Magazine CoroCoro Comic
Original run May 1988February 1994
Volumes 6
Live-action television film
Network Fuji TV
Released November 2, 1987
Anime television series
Directed by Hiro Katsuoka
Keiji Hayakawa
Music by Shunsuke Kikuchi
Studio Studio Gallop
Network Fuji TV
Original run March 27, 1988June 9, 1996
Episodes 331
Kiteretsu Daihyakka: Bouken Ouedo Juraki
Publisher Video System
Genre Action
Platform Game Boy
Released July 15, 1994
Kiteretsu Daihyakka: Chōjikū Sugoroku
Developer Fill in Cafe
Publisher Video System
Genre Boardgame
Platform Super Famicom
Released January 27, 1995
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Kiteretsu Daihyakka (キテレツ大百科?) (Also Known as Kiteretsu Encyclopedia or only Kiteretsu) is a science fiction manga series by Fujiko Fujio which ran in the children's magazine Kodomo no Hikari from April 1974, through July 2000. The manga was later made into a 331-episode anime TV series which ran on Fuji TV from March 27, 1988 to June 9, 1996. This series is currently airing on Hungama TV, Disney XD, Cartoon Network Korea, Pogo TV as of 2014.

There are many similarities in the makeup and appearance of the main cast to that of Doraemon, which was also created by Fujio. However, the content of the story between the two series are entirely different.

The protagonist is a scientific genius grade school boy named Kiteretsu, who has built a companion robot named Korosuke. He frequently travels in time with his friends and Korosuke in the time machine he invented. Kiteretsu is more like Nobita Nobi but Kiteretsu is an intelligent boy, whereas Nobita is a silly, foolish boy and worst in studies. Miyoko is a girl in his neighborhood who is his friend. She is just like Shizuka Minamoto. Tongari, another of his friends, surprisingly happens to share some similar traits of Suneo Honekawa . Buta Gorilla (Kumada Kaoru) is a typical neighborhood bully, whose behaviour is similar to Gian's Takeshi Goda, except that he often antagonizes Korosuke. There are more characters such as Taeko Sakurai and Satsuki Hanamaru, causing this to be a "self-parody" of Doraemon.


The show is set in the fictional Hyōno-chō, which is set in an ambiguous location featuring a rural-style train station, a department store, and a shopping district. The fictional neighboring town of Urano-chō is where Miyoko's aunt lives. In the anime, Miyoko speaks in Toyama dialect which attributed to that town.

The fictional Hyakujōshima is the location of the Tongari family's vacation home. A family of kabocha farmers lives there and takes care of the place. The island is sparsely populated because many people move from it. It is accessible from Tokyo via airplane and ferry.

Two fictional schools are mentioned in the series: Hyōno Elementary and Takao University. Hyōno Elementary is the public school Kiteretsu and his friends attend. During summer vacation, one of the lunch ladies uses the school to teach piano lessons. There is also a rumor that the school is haunted.

Benzō-san was able to enter the university after attempting it six times during the series. Ten years from the time period of the series beginning, Kiteretsu, Miyoko, and Tongari enter this university to study further.

Kite Family[edit]

Eiichi Kite[edit]

Eiichi Kite aka. 'Kiteretsu' is a 10 year old boy who lives in Tokyo city. He usually wears a light blue T-shirt and a dark blue trouser. He also wears a green shoes, white socks and a red-yellow themed cap with K written on it.He is weak in sports. He reads the Daiyhakka and invents gadgets from past


Korosuke is Kiteretsu's assistant who usually ends his sentences with ~nari" . He usually wears an artificial samurai sword. He is an invention in the book of daihyakka.

Einoshin Kite[edit]

Einoshin Kite aka. Kiteretsu-Sai is Kiteretsu's ancestor who lived in the Edo period . He wrote the daihyakka and told Kiteretsu to burn daihyakka's first edition.

Michiko Kite[edit]

Michiko Kite is Kiteretsu's mother. She graduated from Tokyo University. She always gives her name to lucky draw. She knows many junior.

Eitarou Kite[edit]

Eitarou Kite is Kiteretsu's father he always leaves his packet in the taxi. His office is on the seventh floor.

Nonohana Family[edit]

Miyoko Nonohana[edit]

Miyoko Nonohana aka. 'Miyoko-chan' is a 10 year old girl. She always wears a pink frock with pink shoes and white socks. She likes to play piano and also gets good marks in studies.

Miyoko's mother[edit]

She usually plays piano and helps Miyoko while cooking. She has Glossophobia.

Miyoko's father[edit]

He was before working as a real estate agent in Tokyo city until he had been transferred to Hakodate, Hokkaido.

Akihiko Nonohana[edit]

Akihiko Nonohana is Miyoko's older brother who studies as a university student in Hakodate, Hokkaido.

Kumada Family[edit]

Kaoru Kumada[edit]

Kaoru Kumada aka. 'Butagorilla' is an 11 year old boy who loves vegetables and fruits. He usually wears a blue T-shirt with stripes, grey pant, blue shoe and a blue and white cap. He often antagonizes Korosuke and Tongari.

Sayuri Kumada[edit]

Sayuri Kumada is Kaoru's mother who beats Butagorilla. She also makes some joke with Butagorilla for e.g. when Butagorilla said "eat vegetables to make your eye like me, I don't have any number ( I refers to Butagorilla ) his mother said there are no number in your report card too.

Kumahachi Kumada[edit]

Kumahachi Kumada is Kaoru's father he usually plays Korean chess and even buys lottery tickets and never wins.

Torashichi Kumada[edit]

Torashichi Kumada is Kaoru's uncle who migrated to Brazil.

Kumaichirou Kumada[edit]

Kumaichirou Kumada is Kaoru's uncle who was fighter pilot and retired and started a honey business.

Minori Kumada[edit]

Minori Kumada is Kaoru's son in future

Tongari Family[edit]

Kouji Tongari[edit]

Kouji Tongari aka. 'Tongari' is a 10 year old boy who is from a rich family. He usually wears red T-shirt, yellow trouser, yellow shoes and a pair of white socks.

Kouichi Tongari[edit]

Kouichi Tongari is a successful businessman he likes to play golf. He also smokes. He is Tongari's father.

Takako Tongari[edit]

Takako Tongari is Tongari's mother. She cooks excellent Cake.

Karino Family and Karino's friends[edit]

Benzou Karino[edit]

Benzou Karino aka. 'MR. Benzou' is a university student who failed 6 times. He wears a black student dress and a spectacle.

Yone Karino[edit]

Yone Karino is Benzou's mother who lives in Yamagata


Osugi is Yone's friend who always helps Tongari.


Heikichi is Yone's friend who is a sweet potato seller.


Ben is Mr Benzou's pet dog.

Youhei Arakira[edit]

Arakira is Benzou's friend.

Yuki Uehara[edit]

Yuki Uehra is Benzou's girlfriend.

Satsuki family[edit]

Satsuki Hanamaru[edit]

Satsuki Hanamaru is a tall 10 year old girl wearing Jeans pant and a white T-shirt with red and orange stripes.

Satsuki's mother[edit]

Satsuki's mother works in vegetable shop in morning and theatric group in the evening.

Satsuki's father[edit]

Satsuki's father runs a drama group called Hanamaru drama group

Sasaki family[edit]


Sasaki is Kiteretsu's class teacher. He wears a blue suit and pant.

Sasaki's wife[edit]

Sasaki's wife usually wears a brown pant and T-shirt.

Kazuma Sasaki[edit]

Kazuma Sasaki is Sasaki's son.

Characters at Kiteretsu's school[edit]

Takako Segawa[edit]

Takako Segawa is Kiteretsu's classmate who is a popular girl.

the Principal[edit]

The Principal calls Butagorilla sometimes for help.


Konchi is a boy who sits back of Butagorilla.

Ukhera family[edit]

Mia Ukhera[edit]

Mia is popular girl who exchanged diary from Kiteretsu.

Mia's Father[edit]

Mia's father is a dentist in the hospital.

Sakurai Family[edit]

Taeko Sakurai[edit]

Taeko Sakurai is girl friend of Butagorilla.

Taeko's mother[edit]

Taeko's mother lives in a log house with Taeko

Episode List[edit]

1988-03-27 1. A) Spence roller assistant Nari B) The treasure hunt in the latent Earth!

1988-04-03 2. A) Sakura's Chill Tsutomusan B) Nari to make animal play

1988-04-10 3. Adventure to the moon by hand rocket

1988-04-17 4. A) Pounding in the dark B) Resentment candy

1988-04-24 5. Easy hiking in the loopholes of Tengu

1988-05-01 6. A) Trick warrior that came back B) Moving in Ruyi light

1988-05-08 7. A) Playing house House and Miyo-chan B) Wasuren hat! ?

1988-05-15 8. A) Space Kai Majin Butagorira B) Let's play a mini-town

1988-05-22 9. A) Memories camera B) Showdown! Assistant roller pair Kawaraban boy

1988-05-29 10. Baby dinosaurs and roller assistant! Adventure of the South Sea! !

1988-06-05 11. A) Human alter ego copy machine! ? B) I go to the roller assistant school

1988-06-12 12. A) Relaxation in a timely de- B) Playing in the water even in moderation

1988-06-19 13. Sweet Home on the snow

1988-06-26 14. A) Contact lantern Bakeriet Torimonocho B) Ghost story button lights

1988-07-03 15. A) Security guard an inch B) Bubble dome

1988-07-10 16. Baseball Tournament in classroom visitations parent and child of their daddy

1988-08-14 17. Alone in the Tongariro disguised of sorrow

1988-08-21 18. Summer vacation you do not say to anyone who met Edison

1988-08-28 19. A) Hiehie clay chilly water B) Summer Festival and typhoon

1988-09-04 20. Roller assistant! Power up Battle

1988-09-11 21. 42.195 km Hashire! Marathon Korigori Nari! ?

1988-10-02 22. Whose hands town athletic meet the MVP! ?

1988-10-16 23. Listening ear hood 1988-10-16 A) Taste of croquettes sprinkled

1988-10-23 24. A) Hundred-point scale in the lantern at noonday B) Falling in love roller assistant

1988-10-30 25. Kyoretsu! ! Phantom Dotekabochan

1988-11-06 26. Hikaei! Komon Somerset large villain?

1988-11-13 27. You can do it! Reverse up winning strategy

1988-11-20 28. A) Tsuru spelled picking dream B) Roller assistant is matchmaking

1988-11-27 29. Atchitchi! Journey To The Center of the Earth in search hot spring

1988-12-04 30. Story of friendship and roller Chibigorira assistant

1988-12-11 31. You're the star! Urashima Kametar

1988-12-18 32. The prima donna Eureka Sai-sama! ?

1988-12-25 33. I I FOUND YOU Santa Claus

1989-01-16 34. After 10 years of flower bridegroom divination Miyo-chan coming-of-age ceremony

1989-01-16 35. Mystery in the Snow Country

1989-01-22 36. A) Skating special training of Butagorira B) Polar bear swim tournament

1989-01-29 37. New annual must-see! Girl with red school bag

1989-02-05 38. Marry a prince! ? Miyoko princess

1989-02-12 39. U-turn to the north country in Hokutosei

1989-02-19 40. Become assistant roller smart ass! ?

1989-02-26 41. Bride elect of the roller assistant Wakasama

1989-03-12 42. Welcome to the land of invitation from south of dinosaur!

1989-03-19 43. Butagorira longing girl older?

1989-03-26 44. Shot in ultra wandering maze! ?

1989-04-16 45. Find the butterfly illusion of get-rich-quick

1989-04-23 46. Echo vegetables to meet to refer to these signals as bits,

1989-04-30 47. Maca mysterious? Otohime-sama Grateful Crane

1989-05-07 48. A) How to make an earthquake B) Reconciled with memories House

1989-05-14 49. To be home free! Class officer in the limelight light

1989-05-21 50. Lie! The vegetables that hate Butagorira is! ?

1989-05-21 50. Lie! The vegetables that hate Butagorira is! ?

1989-05-28 51. Adventure of underground found Kinkira Jinshan

1989-06-04 52. Popular! 5 years three sets swan teacher

1989-06-18 53. Myna bird roller assistant of fear is dangerous!

1989-06-25 54. The tear is also in the eyes of the samurai inspiring bell

1989-07-09 55. Eureka large pinch? Invention ban daddy!

1989-07-23 56. Shooting excellent condition! Babylon Great Palace of Hollywood

1989-07-30 57. The prophecies! Tomorrow Zoshi of the roller assistant

1989-08-06 58. Invention at last!遊境 dream to triple the summer vacation

1989-08-13 59. The gavel tired of fool's errand

1989-08-20 60. One day in August, lost child whale blew sky

1989-08-27 61. Flying It's scary! Perfect with three half-mirror

1989-09-03 62. Ghost is full! ? Panic in the camp

1989-09-10 63. Hashire! Four-wheel drive Grand Prix of Tongariro issue dream

1989-09-17 64. Makoto Nari! Mountain climbing in Kikko ship

1989-10-01 65. Butagorira-better, gorilla gorilla

1989-10-22 66. LOL! Otohime that came

1989-10-29 67. Touch it rains rain! Your hands the umbrella forget

1989-11-05 68. I approach the mystery of Yamataikoku! Miyoko is Himiko?

1989-11-12 69. Wedding full course aligned everyone looking for fall

1989-11-19 70. Test is perfect, too! ! CRAM pillow

1989-11-26 71. 5 more minutes! Reverse time machine what such a case

1989-12-03 72. Bees and grandfather came

1989-12-10 73. Grandson Santa's Little Match Girl Nari!

1989-12-17 74. Success at last! 2001 - A university campus

1989-12-24 75. Thugs Did you see! I go dual wield roller assistant western

1990-01-14 76. Snow mountain fairy tale! Bear story was wearing boots

1990-01-21 77. Pokkapokka! Spring has come in Kotatsumuri

1990-01-28 78. Yakkodako go up! A gift from Edo Period

1990-02-04 79. Students must see! Spring you come Tsutomusan's! ?

1990-02-11 80. Top secret information! Butagorira was a woman? !

1990-02-18 81. Endangered! Eureka flow Toki Great Mission to Rescue

1990-02-25 82. Your face-to-face over emissions at roller assistant Tengunonukeana bear

1990-03-04 83. Memories came tumbling-Tsutomusan Mother

1990-03-11 84. Tongariro Panic! Megumi doll firestorm

1990-03-18 85. Album making in Edo of flower along the way roller Jochin

1990-03-25 86. Birthday present of the roller assistant disappeared

1990-04-15 87. The goodbye to lost child! Sound direction insect brooch! !

1990-04-22 88. It is perfect to visit home! ! Nagatchirimen

1990-05-06 89. The bamboo basket rival beans roller of the roller assistant! !

1990-05-20 90. Beans roller whirlwind in admirable fan!

1990-05-27 91. May Tondeke disease? ! I get on the cloud Miyo-chan

1990-06-03 92. Pinch roller assistant! Samurai will, which is not to tell a lie

1990-06-10 93. Consternation confession! Cute pony on the second floor of my house

1990-06-17 94. Sumo exclamation! The wrestlers looking at dog type Spirited Away Detector

1990-06-24 95. Tsutomusan san rainy Chimaki to forget ball in throat

1990-07-01 96. This made of money! Carrot and Madame Curie

1990-07-08 97. Butagorira parent and child came from 21 century

1990-07-29 98. Komon-sama surprised! ? Inro Nari Doki rice

1990-08-05 99. Konoyubitomare people that do not break the vine!

1990-08-12 100. Found in the last plate off! ? Eight hundred and eight was a fishmonger

1990-08-19 101. The Dase find the Encyclopedia Gaiden flowers Expo summer!

1990-08-26 102. Poor banana SOS in the sea of summer!

1990-09-02 103. Homework is dangerous! Let's make the 32 days in August! !

1990-09-09 104. Rinrin! This cricket rock band

1992-04-27 105. Piper Tsutomu chan genius roller assistant festival!

1992-05-04 106. Roller assistant deep blue! Is cut the topknot! ?

1992-05-11 107. Tomato What exactly is Nari Nasutefutefu

1992-05-18 108. Wow! The stone baked potato come-shy

1992-05-25 109. The Strange! Vegetables have a chat

1992-06-01 110. Able to run forever! SL Express Asia issue of illusion! !

1992-06-08 111. Hakodate, iguana, squid somen

1992-06-15 112. Fiance of the roller assistant! Purple bedsheets

1990-12-02 113. Earthquake! Thunder! Fire! Koller Great Satan! ?

1990-12-09 114. The hand of love in general cleaning Tsutomusan's fund-raising! !

1990-12-16 115. Flower's life is short! Last day of Butagorira

1990-12-23 116. White Christmas in the missing person Damas

1991-01-13 117. Spring and spring! Hana pigeon beans Taisho Roman

1991-01-20 118. CM song of eight hundred and eight! Unfinished Symphony

1991-01-27 119. Strict 窟王 had the apron of eight hundred and eight!

1991-02-03 120. Setsubun (confidential) information! Demon hold on alive

1991-02-10 121. Open day, a little bird made a haiku!

1991-02-17 122. Of have with anything! ? Butagorira and Tsutomusan's

1991-02-24 123. Time Spence was a dick train ...

1991-03-03 124. Right out in Iyashin round! Bad people good person

1991-03-10 125. Garn! Nari want to be a dog Spence!

1991-03-17 126. Large scoop! The twin babies to eight hundred and eight

1991-03-24 127. Large failure of the century! Chu Sing La Nari

1991-04-28 128. Croquette of secret taste Nari of sailor

1991-05-05 129. Roller assistant wanted in the cash card! ?

1991-05-12 130. Chiruchiru Sakura? Miyoko princess is dangerous! !

1991-05-19 131. This is the first love! ? Two shot and greengrocer Onana

1991-05-26 132. Catastrophe! Beard grew on me and mom! ?

1991-06-02 133. Hooky goods ultimate! Pillow sham

1991-06-09 134. Outdoor life! Journey of Butagorira discipling

1991-06-16 135. Memories of naked! Sakura hot water story

1991-06-23 136. To dad who do not play me! Debauchery spelled

1991-06-30 137. Butagorira organized! Green large kindergarten class reunion

1991-07-07 138. I want to see if a child! ! Report of mom and dad

1991-07-14 139. Not look! ! Married life dream Tongari

1991-08-04 140. Common sense of the past! ? Three standing imposing first-run total natural color

1991-08-11 141. Cooler-free! Ghost story, Hyakutake Island watermelon palace

1991-08-18 142. Oyster water party of mysterious ice day of the week also mystery

1991-08-25 143. Dragonfly ... rural sights of Tokyo autumn came

1991-09-01 144. The appearance to the pool! Crocodile Peter Pan

1991-09-08 145. Police waste? Gomen in Hashita cushion!

1991-09-15 146. Exchange diary of tears! Butagorira The K Kunnari

1991-09-22 147. Fall of reading! Handwriting analysis pyrophyllite and impressions potatoes

1991-09-29 148. Jaw-dropping! Roller assistant to wearing skirts

1991-10-20 149. Mom I do not need it! ? Trick cook Nari

1991-10-27 150. Items of excursion! Butagorira seven dishes set

1991-11-03 151. To people who do not want to be pointed in the classroom! Specified fan Nari

1991-11-17 152. Surprise in Hakone! Bandits of the Edo period

1991-11-24 153. Reconciled crane play around! Anger of pig gorilla pants

1991-12-01 154. Disgusting! Butagorira became Manneken Pis

1991-12-08 155. Mystery object! Hetaumadori in the piano

1991-12-15 156. Butagorira also Uruuru! Mom in the blackboard

1991-12-22 157. Christmas gift snowman gave me

1991-12-30 158. Rare invention! ? Homework fluently If Hasame in silence

1991-12-30 159. Roller assistant consternation! Nichikome friendship with hat Yajiro! ?

1992-01-12 160. Surprised to open! Lottery that was delayed in the desk

1992-01-19 161. Rarity of spring! Butagorira wrote a timetable

1992-01-26 162. You can become a star in Butagorira! Maru-anoni ...

1992-02-02 163. Lang Lang family! ? Pig gorilla family

1992-02-09 164. Crisis of civilization! One order ramen from classroom

1992-02-16 165. Tick! Beware club fire Butagorira

1992-02-23 166. Passing soap opera! Joetsu Shinkansen of love

1992-03-01 167. At home! ? Commemorative photo aligned family

1992-03-08 168. Zo~tsu! ! Large lost came from the Edo period

1992-03-15 169. Lie like! Door was on the TV

1992-03-22 170. Famous Dog of the century! Gift from stray dog Ben

1992-04-19 171. The glasses in the giraffe! ? Hashigoro story

1992-04-26 172. Seabed SOS! Shark gold tooth and Ryuuguunotsukai

1992-05-03 173. Sun of the living room! Stepping stone and wall clock

1992-05-10 174. Shot in bird heart device! The large close to the heart of pigeon

1992-05-17 175. (Secret) special training! Tongariro or get used to Rocky

1992-05-24 176. Found in Sen Kagamizu! Sound strange thing in Tokyo

1992-05-31 177. Changing schools sorry! Sankin Ho Thailand Miyo-chan

1992-06-07 178. Tongariro Shocking! Illusion sugar and brandy

1992-06-14 179. Era of roller assistant! Bus 10 yen at ¥ 5 croquette

1992-06-21 180. Rice planting tour! Swine fever and Tongarashi

1992-06-28 181. Ben also amazed! Incense analgesic-only flying hurt

1992-07-12 182. Super strange! ? Tanabata bamboo shoots Nobel Prize

1992-08-02 183. Master thief appeared! The name is Joe injection

1992-08-16 184. I give to the lost people! Meutsurikonari

1992-08-23 185. U-turn beetles of Japan's first! Black circle Nari

1992-08-30 186. Yure also deep blue! Report cards Butagorira

1992-09-06 187. Talk tears! Disastrous family vacation Butagorira

1992-09-13 188. Night skiing is also deep blue! Adult experience here-today-gone-tomorrow

1992-09-20 189. Idol Tagosaku rumble of the fall harvest of rice field

1992-09-27 190. Butagorira also po ~! Mom first love era

1992-10-25 191. The appearance of the house's Tsutomusan! Bus stop rumble of the phantom

1992-11-01 192. Holiday if you ride! Ally of Dodge Norakura

1992-11-08 193. Heirloom of eight hundred and eight! Hundred years Issue rickety bicycle

1992-11-15 194. Autumn Sun Sun! With love from the Sumida River

1992-11-22 195. Battle Athletes of autumn! The game was in round Rin Rin

1992-11-29 196. Finally found! tree excursion specialty rucksack is

1992-12-06 197. Explore memories! There was a dinosaur in 15 years ago! ?

1992-12-13 198. Whoops! rumble roller assistant gave birth eggs

1992-12-20 199. Hawaii is gone! Criminal Butagorira! ?

1992-12-28 200. Tongariro Gekishiro! ! I like mom than schools

1992-12-28 201. Retoro! Three-wheeled auto memories of Dad

1993-01-17 202. 1 million yen were finally out bags in Japan

1993-01-24 203. Log cabin in the gift of snow Invisible Man

1993-01-31 204. Which model! ? Assistant roller pair Butagorira

1993-02-07 205. Meeting of the cat! Papa and Mama disappeared in the middle of the night

1993-02-14 206. Finally back! ? Ultra-luxurious wedding of the Muromachi period

1993-02-21 207. Large scoop! ? Stove league of eight hundred and eight

1993-02-28 208. Gift of love! The sweater also Mago?

1993-03-07 209. Dessert stomach medicine? Cooking Miyo-chan

1993-03-14 210. Buford ~ Tsu! Grandma north wind came from the northern country

1993-03-21 211. Wanted! Graffiti bonnet bus of love

1993-04-18 212. Meiba of eight hundred and eight! Kumahachi diode Nari

1993-04-25 213. Prophetic dream of spring! ? Hamburger and Maizokin

1993-05-02 214. Butagorira also deep blue! The transfer student of the flowers in May

1993-05-09 215. Tsutomusan's makeover! Last Supper to eat with tears

1993-05-23 216. Eight hundred and eight pinch! Self-introduction in Teketeketen

1993-05-30 217. Retirement age monument! ? Rabbit yellow happy

1993-06-06 218. CM of eight hundred and eight! Grand sale in advertising balloon

1993-06-13 219. Experience fear! - The ghost is out of the word processor

1993-06-20 220. I patronized! The burglar of the Edo period to eight hundred and eight

1993-06-27 221. Or sumo or vegetables! ? Pedigree of Butagorira

1993-07-11 222. Mideamu is how to bake? Lady appearance of the century!

1993-08-01 223. Pig gorilla shock! Mom visitation refusal

1993-08-08 224. Ahead of summer vacation! ! Castle town of runaway trio

1993-08-15 225. Bathing (secret) point! Hundred island length of the Edo period

1993-08-22 226. School ghost story! ! Part ghost out during the day?

1993-08-29 227. Hung in the neighborhood! ? Traveling alone in a plain strawberry!

1993-09-05 228. Scoop of summer! To Tsutomusan's baby?

1993-09-12 229. That can be such a fool! ! 72-year-old bully?

1993-09-19 230. Raffles! ! 0 points Hyoryuki Butagorira

1993-09-26 231. SOS! Oedo Seppukutsua of autumn! ?

1993-10-17 232. It will be what this year! ! Star of athletic meet! ?

1993-10-24 233. Butagorira detective team! Food is one truckload

1993-10-31 234. Odenshon? Big star in your actor mask!

1993-11-07 235. Tongariro remodeling! The Do not say mom ~!

1993-11-14 236. Oden accident! Ganmodoki of zipper

1993-11-21 237. Qualitative Board of Education! Cuttlefish of academic

1993-11-28 238. Competition forget! VS adversity torch ginger

1993-12-05 239. Infuriated! War sour Butagorira

1993-12-12 240. Kumada also participate? Ski trip and train car!

1993-12-19 241. Tongariro Diary! Dating strategy of sweat and tears!

1993-12-26 242. Bottom line of Butagorira! Complete Works large fuss it!

1994-01-16 243. Five years a pair Kumada Kaoru! Aspirations of this year good tofu

1994-01-30 244. Defend the history! Achilles heel and GyuuWaka May!

1994-02-06 245. Snow mountain participation! ? Butagorira rescue team dispatched! !

1994-02-13 246. Setsubun goods! Become demon If you take it in silence!

1994-02-20 247. Sister appearance of the roller assistant? Ochappi of eight hundred and eight

1994-02-27 248. Butagorira fear! ! Test it is Fax

1994-03-06 249. 24 time payment? Contest of the Warring States Period! !

1994-03-13 250. Lens riot! Croquette secret tears into?

1994-03-20 251. Butagorira deep blue! Vegetables loses the meat!

1994-03-27 252. There is no me! ! Reunion thirty years later! ?

1994-04-17 253. Women's Professional deep blue! Maid of eight hundred and eight

1994-04-24 254. Preservation version! Shop feature that seems to crush Japan?

1994-05-01 255. BF of Miyo-chan [boyfriend]! ? Lion knock

1994-05-08 256. Roller assistant surrender! ! How to make bedwetting! ?

1994-05-15 257. Kumada goo! ! Villa dream of eight hundred and eight family! ?

1994-05-22 258. Participation prohibited! ? No sense of who exercise genetic! !

1994-05-29 259. 24 hours a day! Raw vegetables until the morning of the eight hundred and eight!

1994-06-05 260. Pet of the roller assistant! Kaoru Hiragana! ?

1994-06-12 261. Return of the roller assistant! Nari to the punishment eight hundred Hachisamurai

1994-06-19 262. Mellon of the sea! ? Logbook of Butagorira tears!

1994-06-26 263. Hokkaido Aim! The red mole came from the West?

1994-07-03 264. US-Japan friendship! Piglet-to-corn! ?

1994-07-17 265. Butagorira screaming! The Great Escape of summer vacation hell!

1994-08-07 266. Jewelry swim? Wakasama of zaibatsu surprised!

1994-08-14 267. Summer vacation hero's biography! Butagorira became a bronze statue

1994-08-21 268. Masterpiece of summer! Compared bamboo shoots of Butagorira?

1994-08-28 269. The north country gift! Hanako first co-star and May!

1994-09-04 270. Shock confession! Tsutomusan's Tsuntsuruten! ?

1994-09-11 271. New facts! Famous Dog Baron of the Titanic!

1994-09-18 272. Suspense! America is full of souvenir fear

1994-10-23 273. Butagorira it is gone! Spirited Away scary than potato

1994-10-30 274. Blown Apple? First love story of Miyo-chan

1994-11-06 275. Watermelon bomb of mystery! Bowler Kumahachi legendary?

1994-11-13 276. Finally found! Matsutake full Stone Age

1994-11-20 277. Guinness rare record! ? Members of the class for a day

1994-11-27 278. Popular departure from Baku! Roller assistant Nari from which you face

1994-12-04 279. Gejitsu Festival? Lily of the Valley Pass falling star of love

1994-12-11 280. Taiankichinichi! Wedding pumpkin pumpkin

1994-12-18 281. Tsutomusan's Passion! The festival Ketsubatto?

1995-01-15 282. Mystery object! Eight hundred and eight pumpkin knock back

1995-01-22 283. New Year adventure! New Year's writing tangerine millionaire! ?

1995-01-29 284. Na accelerate! Roller assistant elopement coming-of-age ceremony! ?

1995-02-05 285. Your neighborhood dragnet! Kaito Mom Tongariro?

1995-02-12 286. Ghost story of midwinter? Grateful Snow Woman! !

1995-02-19 287. International goodwill? Butagorira you wearing a skirt

1995-02-26 288. Large rage! Eight eight hundred war and crow

1995-03-05 289. Eureka accident! The Mottemote to older beauty?

1995-03-12 290. Dream millionaire! Ken Ball Aim the world

1995-03-19 291. Kyoto surprised! Appears dangerous Tengu?

1995-04-23 292. Rival timeless? Bodacious Hitoshi appearance!

1995-04-30 293. Witnessed in the future! Chu and co-roller bride?

1995-05-07 294. Taeko distress! The'm likely eaten by the tiger

1995-05-14 295. Mind someone else? May is the roller assistant in May is Miyoko

1995-05-21 296. Ben first love? Your main pair and idle dog

1995-05-28 297. Aloe surprised Daisakusen (secret) Butagorira!

1995-06-04 298. Gela chic Panic! Dinosaur discovery of dental caries

1995-06-11 299. Dissolution something! Takashiri rainy boy zelkova

1995-06-18 300. Cooking forbidden? Large pinch curse of Pharaoh

1995-07-02 301. Eight hundred and eight collapse? Cosplay relay night game!

1995-07-09 302. Just before summer vacation! Report measures and still make

1995-08-06 303. Whats happening to be? Eight hundred Hachiya's my our extraordinary

1995-08-13 304. Revealing the truth! Michinoku mystery of summer

1995-08-20 305. I went to the other world in the spirit world exploration everyone

1995-08-27 306. Chan walnut pen pal Re-partner's

1995-09-03 307. Snooze ban! Maine blow all night and exhilarating ☆

1995-09-10 308. Harvest witch hazel! Roller assistant Scarecrow in the Yamada

1995-09-17 309. Dream theater troupe in Hanamaru? Higemaru roller assistant makeover!

1995-10-22 310. Letter of a sudden! From USA from Taeko?

1995-10-29 311. Hyakutakeshima legend! Roller assistant descendants of Urashima Taro?

1995-12-03 312. Family game? Blonde mom on behalf of the mom

1995-12-10 313. Butagorira sick? Chasing a bus of school trip

1995-12-17 314. Yeti discovery! Born in Japan and raised Himalayan

1996-01-14 315. Jackpot! ¥ 30 million in the lottery and panda! ?

1996-01-21 316. Art in the women's bath? Tongariro artist Explosion!

1996-01-28 317. Whose part-time job! Scruffy people welcome?

1996-02-04 318. New Year also came twice! New Year's present as well again?

1996-02-11 319. Reigned seen this century! ? Passenger pigeon of the illusion

1996-02-18 320. I is still a broken heart! ! Love with Don at rock bottom

1996-02-25 321. Most spring! Teacher is likely to be skipped

1996-03-03 322. Haunting? Doll strikes a roller assistant!

1996-03-10 323. Tongariro disappearance! Shark bait torn in love?

1996-03-17 324. Proudest moment of someone's life once? I read Kumada Kaoru Soji

1996-04-21 325. Butagorira theory! Mirage out of the shell

1996-04-28 326. Heaven of children! Town full of playground

1996-05-05 327. Scoop! Dog's most famous Famous Dog Ben Japan

1996-05-12 328. Mischievous identity of the elusive roller assistant?

1996-05-19 329. Fear of May! Carp that was damned

1996-06-02 330. Melon man? Dad first one disease!

1996-06-09 331. Finale of love! 1988-03-27 Encyclopedia Suke-dai roller goodbye


  • Kiteretsu Daihyakka vol. 1–3 (Tentōmushi Comics, Shogakukan, 1977)
  • Kiteretsu Daihyakka vol. 1–4 (Fujiko Fujio Land, Chūō Kōron Shinsha, 1984)
  • Kiteretsu Daihyakka vol. 1–2 (Shogakukan Koro Koro Bunko, Shogakukan, 1984)
  • My First BIG Kiteretsu vol. 1–2 (Shogakukan, 2003)

TV drama[edit]

In January 2002, NHK aired a two-hour one-shot live action drama featuring a CGI Korosuke voiced by Mami Koyama. It was originally aired on NHK Educational TV on January 1, 2002.





Theme songs[edit]

Opening theme songs[edit]

Listing includes the song title followed by the episodes and the singer in parentheses.

  • Kiteretsu Daihyakka no Uta (90-minute special on November 2, 1987, Mitsuko Horie)
  1. Oyome-san ni Natte Agenaizo (ep. 1–24, Kaori Moritani)
  2. Body dake Lady (ep. 25–60, Junko Uchida)
  3. Yumemiru Jikan (ep. 61–86, Megumi Mori)
  4. Hajimete no Chū (ep. 87–108, Anshin Papa)
  5. Suimin Fuskou (ep. 109–170, Chicks)
  6. Oryōri Kōshinkyoku (ep. 171–331, Yuka)

Ending theme songs[edit]

Listing includes the song title followed by the episodes and the singer in parentheses.

  1. Magical Boy Magical Heart (ep. 1–16, Kaori Moritani)
  2. Race no Cardigan (ep. 17–24, Kaori Sakagami)
  3. Korosuke Rock (ep. 25–60, Junko Uchida)
  4. Felt no Pencase (ep. 61–86, Megumi Mori)
  5. Merry ha tada no Tomodachi (ep. 87–108, Toshiko Fujita)
  6. Hajimete no Chū (ep. 109–170, 213–290, 311–331, Anshin Papa)
  7. Happy Birthday (ep. 171–212, Yuka)
  8. Uwasa no Kiss (ep. 291–310, TOKIO)

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