Kiteretsu Daihyakka

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Kiteretsu Daihyakka
Volume 1 of the Kiteretsu Daihyakka manga.
Genre Science fiction, comedy-drama
Written by Fujiko Fujio
Published by Family Light Association
Demographic Children
Magazine Kodomo no Hikari
Original run April 1974July 1977
Volumes 3
Shin Kiteretsu Daihyakka (New Kiteretsu Encyclopedia)
Written by Fujiko Fujio
Illustrated by Michiaki Tanaka
Published by Shogakukan
Demographic Children
Magazine CoroCoro Comic
Original run May 1988February 1994
Volumes 6
Live-action television film
Network Fuji TV
Released November 2, 1987
Anime television series
Directed by Hiro Katsuoka
Keiji Hayakawa
Music by Shunsuke Kikuchi
Studio Studio Gallop
Network Fuji TV
Original run March 27, 1988June 9, 1996
Episodes 331
Kiteretsu Daihyakka: Bouken Ouedo Juraki
Publisher Video System
Genre Action
Platform Game Boy
Released July 15, 1994
Kiteretsu Daihyakka: Chōjikū Sugoroku
Developer Fill in Cafe
Publisher Video System
Genre Boardgame
Platform Super Famicom
Released January 27, 1995
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Kiteretsu Daihyakka (キテレツ大百科?) (Also known as Kiteretsu Encyclopedia or only Kiteretsu) is a science fiction manga series by Fujiko Fujio aka Hiroshi Fujimoto which ran in the children's magazine Kodomo no Hikari from April 1974 to July 2000. The manga was later made into a 331-episode anime TV series which ran on Fuji TV from March 27, 1988 to June 9, 1996. This series is currently airing worldwide on Hungama TV, Disney XD, Cartoon Network Korea and Pogo TV as of 2014.

There are many similarities in the style and appearance of the main cast to that of Doraemon, which was also created by Hiroshi. However, the content of the story between the two series are entirely different.

The protagonist is a scientific genius grade school boy named Kiteretsu, who has built a companion robot named Korosuke. He frequently travels in time with his friends and Korosuke in the time machine he invented. Kiteretsu is more like Nobita Nobi of Doraemon in appearance (Nobita has round spectacles whereas Kiteretsu has rectangle) but Kiteretsu is an intelligent boy, whereas Nobita is a silly, foolish boy and worst in studies. Miyoko is a girl in his neighborhood who is his friend. She is just like Shizuka Minamoto of Doraemon. Tongari, another of his friends, surprisingly happens to share some similar traits of Suneo Honekawa . Buta Gorilla (Kumada Kaoru) is a typical neighborhood bully, whose behaviour is similar to Gian's Takeshi Goda of Doraemon, except that he often antagonizes Korosuke. There are more characters such as Taeko Sakurai and Satsuki Hanamaru, causing this to be a "self-parody" of Doraemon.


The show is set in the fictional Hyōno-chō, which is set in an ambiguous location featuring a rural-style train station, a department store, and a shopping district. The fictional neighboring town of Urano-chō is where Miyoko's aunt lives. In the anime, Miyoko speaks in Toyama dialect which attributed to that town.

The fictional Hyakujōshima is the location of the Tongari family's vacation home. A family of kabocha farmers lives there and takes care of the place. The island is sparsely populated because many people move from it. It is accessible from Tokyo via airplane and ferry.

Two fictional schools are mentioned in the series: Hyōno Elementary and Takao University. Hyōno Elementary is the public school Kiteretsu and his friends attend. During summer vacation, one of the lunch ladies uses the school to teach piano lessons. There is also a rumor that the school is haunted.

Benzō-san was able to enter the university after attempting it six times during the series. Ten years from the time period of the series beginning, Kiteretsu, Miyoko, and Tongari enter this university to study further.

Kite Family[edit]

Eiichi Kite[edit]

Eiichi Kite aka. 'Kiteretsu' is a 10 year old boy who lives in Tokyo city. He usually wears a light blue T-shirt and a dark blue trouser. He also wears a green shoes, white socks and a red-yellow themed cap with K written on it. He is weak in sports. He reads the Daiyhakka and invents gadgets from past


Korosuke is Kiteretsu's assistant who usually ends his sentences with ~nari" . He usually wears an artificial samurai sword . He is an invention in the encyclopedia.

Einoshin Kite[edit]

Einoshin Kite aka. Kiteretsu-Sai is Kiteretsu's ancestor who lived in the Edo period. He wrote the encyclopedia and told Kiteretsu to burn the encyclopedia's fifth edition.

Michiko Kite[edit]

Michiko Kite is Kiteretsu's mother. She graduated from Tokyo University. She always gives her name to lucky draw.

Eitarou Kite[edit]

Eitarou Kite is Kiteretsu's father he always leaves his packet in the taxi. His office is on the seventh floor.

Kinosai Kite[edit]

Kiteretsu's Uncle who lives in a Village

Nonohana Family[edit]

Miyoko Nonohana[edit]

Miyoko Nonohana aka. 'Miyoko-chan' is a 10 year old girl. She always wears a pink frock with pink shoes and white socks. She likes to play piano and also gets good marks in studies.

Miyoko's mother[edit]

She usually plays piano and helps Miyoko while cooking. She has Glossophobia.

Miyoko's father[edit]

He was before working as a real estate agent in Tokyo city until he had been transferred to Hakodate, Hokkaido.

Akihiko Nonohana[edit]

Akihiko Nonohana is Miyoko's older brother who studies as a university student in Hakodate, Hokkaido.

Kumada Family[edit]

Kaoru Kumada[edit]

Kaoru Kumada aka. 'Butagorilla' is an 11 year old boy who loves vegetables and fruits. He usually wears a blue T-shirt with stripes, grey trousers, blue shoes and a blue and white cap. He often antagonizes Korosuke and Tongari.

Sayuri Kumada[edit]

Sayuri Kumada is Kaoru's mother who beats Butagorilla. She also makes some joke with Butagorilla for e.g. when Butagorilla said "eat vegetables to make your eye like me, I don't have any number ( I refers to Butagorilla ) his mother said there are no number in your report card too.

Kumahachi Kumada[edit]

Kumahachi Kumada is Kaoru's father he usually plays Korean chess and even buys lottery tickets but never wins.

Torashichi Kumada[edit]

Torashichi Kumada is Kaoru's uncle who migrated to Brazil.

Kumaichirou Kumada[edit]

Kumaichirou Kumada is Kaoru's uncle who was fighter pilot and retired and started a honey business.

Minori Kumada[edit]

Minori Kumada is Kaoru's son in the future.

Tongari Family[edit]

Kouji Tongari[edit]

Kouji Tongari aka. 'Tongari' is a 10 year old boy who is from a rich family. He usually wears red T-shirt, yellow trouser, yellow shoes and a pair of white socks.

Kouichi Tongari[edit]

Kouichi Tongari is a successful businessman he likes to play golf. He also smokes. He is Tongari's father.

Takako Tongari[edit]

Takako Tongari is Tongari's mother. She cooks excellent cake.

Karino Family and Karino's friends[edit]

Benzou Karino[edit]

Benzou Karino aka. 'MR. Benzou' is a university student who failed 6 times. He wears a black student dress and a spectacle.

Yone Karino[edit]

Yone Karino is Benzou's mother who lives in Yamagata


Osugi is Yone's friend who always helps Tongari.


Heikichi is Yone's friend who is a sweet potato seller.


Ben is Mr Benzou's pet dog.

Youhei Arakira[edit]

Arakira is Benzou's friend.

Yuki Uehara[edit]

Yuki Uehra is Benzou's girlfriend.

Satsuki family[edit]

Satsuki Hanamaru[edit]

Satsuki Hanamaru is a tall 10 year old girl wearing Jeans pant and a white T-shirt with red and orange stripes.

Satsuki's mother[edit]

Satsuki's mother works in vegetable shop in morning and theatric group in the evening.

Satsuki's father[edit]

Satsuki's father runs a drama group called Hanamaru drama group

Sasaki family[edit]


Sasaki is Kiteretsu's class teacher. He wears a blue suit and pant.

Sasaki's wife[edit]

Sasaki's wife usually wears a brown pant and T-shirt.

Kazuma Sasaki[edit]

Kazuma Sasaki is Sasaki's son.

Characters at Kiteretsu's school[edit]

Takako Segawa[edit]

Takako Segawa is Kiteretsu's classmate who is a popular girl.

the Principal[edit]

The Principal calls Butagorilla sometimes for help.


Konchi is a boy who sits back of Butagorilla.

Ukhera family[edit]

Mia Ukhera[edit]

Mia is popular girl who exchanged diary from Kiteretsu.

Mia's Father[edit]

Mia's father is a dentist in the hospital.

Sakurai Family[edit]

Taeko Sakurai[edit]

Taeko Sakurai is girl friend of Butagorilla.

Taeko's mother[edit]

Taeko's mother lives in a log house with Taeko


  • Kiteretsu Daihyakka vol. 1–3 (Tentōmushi Comics, Shogakukan, 1977)
  • Kiteretsu Daihyakka vol. 1–4 (Fujiko Fujio Land, Chūō Kōron Shinsha, 1984)
  • Kiteretsu Daihyakka vol. 1–2 (Shogakukan Koro Koro Bunko, Shogakukan, 1984)
  • My First BIG Kiteretsu vol. 1–2 (Shogakukan, 2003)

TV drama[edit]

In January 2002, NHK aired a two-hour one-shot live action drama featuring a CGI Korosuke voiced by Mami Koyama. It was originally aired on NHK Educational TV on January 1, 2002.





Theme songs[edit]

Opening theme songs[edit]

Listing includes the song title followed by the episodes and the singer in parentheses.

  • Kiteretsu Daihyakka no Uta (90-minute special on November 2, 1987, Mitsuko Horie)
  1. Oyome-san ni Natte Agenaizo (ep. 1–24, Kaori Moritani)
  2. Body dake Lady (ep. 25–60, Junko Uchida)
  3. Yumemiru Jikan (ep. 61–86, Megumi Mori)
  4. Hajimete no Chū (ep. 87–108, Anshin Papa)
  5. Suimin Fuskou (ep. 109–170, Chicks)
  6. Oryōri Kōshinkyoku (ep. 171–331, Yuka)

Ending theme songs[edit]

Listing includes the song title followed by the episodes and the singer in parentheses.

  1. Magical Boy Magical Heart (ep. 1–16, Kaori Moritani)
  2. Race no Cardigan (ep. 17–24, Kaori Sakagami)
  3. Korosuke Rock (ep. 25–60, Junko Uchida)
  4. Felt no Pencase (ep. 61–86, Megumi Mori)
  5. Merry ha tada no Tomodachi (ep. 87–108, Toshiko Fujita)
  6. Hajimete no Chū (ep. 109–170, 213–290, 311–331, Anshin Papa)
  7. Happy Birthday (ep. 171–212, Yuka)
  8. Uwasa no Kiss (ep. 291–310, TOKIO)

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