Kitgum, Uganda

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Kitgum is located in Uganda
Map of Uganda showing the location of Kitgum.
Coordinates: 03°17′20″N 32°52′40″E / 3.28889°N 32.87778°E / 3.28889; 32.87778
Country  Uganda
Region Northern Uganda
Sub-region Acholi sub-region
District Kitgum District
Elevation 760 m (2,490 ft)
Population (2011 Estimate.)
 • Total 59,700
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

Kitgum is a municipality in Kitgum District, in Northern Uganda. The town is administered by Kitgum Town Council, an Urban Local Government within Kitgum District Administration. It is the largest metropolitan area in Kitgum District and the district headquarters are located there.


Kitgum is bordered by Padibe to the north, Mucwini to the northeast, Kitgum Matidi to the east, Acholibur to the south and Pajimu to the west. The town is located approximately 108 kilometres (67 mi), by road, northeast of Gulu, the largest city in the sub-region.[1] This location lies approximately 460 kilometres (290 mi), by road, north of north of Uganda's capital, Kampala.[2] The coordinates of the town are:03 17 20N, 32 52 40E (Latitude:3.2888; Longitude:32.8777).


The 2002 national census estimated the population of Kitgum at about 41,820. In 2008 the Ugandan Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), estimated the population of the town at 57,300. In 2011, UBOS estimated the mid-year population of Kitgum at 59,700.[3]

Points of interest[edit]

The following points of interest are located within or near the town of Kitgum:

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