Kivach Nature Reserve

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Kivach Nature Reserve.

Kivach is a 104.6 km² Russian nature reserve located in Kondopozhsky District of Republic of Karelia, which includes the famous 10.7 m Kivach waterfall on the Suna River. The reserve was established in 1931 to study and protect Karelian taiga. Its area was 20 km² before 1947, when it was extended to 103 km².

Flora and fauna[edit]

Vascular plants: 569 species, 239 genera, 85 families
Mammals: 48 species
Birds: 197 species
Reptiles: 3 species
Amphibians: 5 species
Fishes: 18 species


mean July temperature: 17°C
mean January temp: -10.7°C
mean annual precipitation: 619 mm
frost-free period: 104-153 days
mean snowcover by the end of winter: 83 cm (lasts for 143 days on average)


Coordinates: 62°17′46″N 33°55′16″E / 62.2961°N 33.921°E / 62.2961; 33.921