Kiyomizu-Gojō Station

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Kiyomizu-Gojō Station
Keihan Kiyomizu gozyou sta 002.jpg
Underground ticket gate
Prefecture Kyoto
(See other stations in Kyoto)
City Kyoto
Ward Higashiyama
Neighborhood Miyakawasuji Hatchōme
Address in Japanese 京都市東山区宮川筋8丁目
Coordinates 34°59′45.99″N 135°46′6.7″E / 34.9961083°N 135.768528°E / 34.9961083; 135.768528Coordinates: 34°59′45.99″N 135°46′6.7″E / 34.9961083°N 135.768528°E / 34.9961083; 135.768528
Opened 1910
Former name Gojō Station
Present name since 2008
Rail services
Operator(s) Keihan Electric Railway
Line(s) Keihan Main Line
Statistics 2,518,000 passengers/year (2012)[1]
Bus There is a bus stop near this station

Kiyomizu-Gojō Station (清水五条駅?) is a railway station located in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.

The station was renamed from Gojō Station (五条駅 Gojō-eki?) on October 19, 2008, the date of opening of the Nakanoshima Line.[2][3]



The station has one island platform underground, and is located under the junction on Kawabata-dori and Gojo-dori.

1  Keihan Main Line for Sanjō and Demachiyanagi
2  Keihan Main Line for Chūshojima, Hirakatashi, Yodoyabashi and Nakanoshima


Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Keihan Railway
Keihan Main Line
Shichijō   Local   Gion-Shijō
Shichijō   Sub Express
Commuter Sub Express (only running for Yodoyabashi or Nakanoshima in the morning on weekdays)
Shichijō   Express   Gion-Shijō
Rapid Express: no stop
Commuter Rapid Express (only running for Nakanoshima in the morning on weekdays): no stop
Limited Express: no stop


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