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Kiyotaka Furushima (古島清孝 Furushima Kiyotaka?, born April 19, 1979) is a male Japanese voice actor from Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. After passing through the Haikyō Voice Actor's Studio, he became a member of the Tokyo Actor's Consumer's Cooperative Society. His major voice acting roles include that of Shinji (Paul) in the anime series Pokémon (Pocket Monsters) and Jetras in Engine Sentai Go-onger.

Furushima's voice is a high baritone.[citation needed]

As well as voicing Shinji/Paul, Furushima also voices Ash's Buizel and Jessie's Yanma and Yanmega in both the Japanese and English versions of the cartoon. He currently appears in the "Best Wishes" series where he voices Jessie's Woobat and Iris's Excadrill in the Japanese version of the anime.

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