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Kjeld Anker Ammentorp (10 November 1895 - 23 October 1975) was the founder of RMC Group, one of the United Kingdom's largest concrete businesses.


Born in Frederiksberg in Denmark, Kjeld Ammentorp moved to the United Kingdom in 1919.[1] A civil engineer by training, Ammentorp took advantage of the invention of self-agitating cement trucks in the 1920s.[1] He built his first plant in 1930 at Bedfont in London, bought cement mixers from Denmark and expanded his business into one of the largest in the United Kingdom.[2]

In 1952 he sold his company to Sam Stirling who had developed a similar business in Australia.[1] Ammentorp remained on the Board of the Company until 1958 but retired to Denmark in 1961.[1]

He died in 1975 at Gentofte and is buried in Frederiksberg.[3]


In May 1920 he married Tordis Giersing at St. James's Church in London.