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Kjell Christian Ulrichsen (born 18 November 1944) is a Norwegian businessperson.

Along with Erik Must, Ulrichsen established the stock broker Fondsfinans. The two later bought part of the publishing company Gyldendal Norsk Forlag. [1][2] On 26 November 2008, he sold his shares to Must for NOK 350 per share, even though co-owner Trygve Hegnar, with whom they were in a conflict, had bid NOK 500.[3] Through the company Stabæk Holding he owns Telenor Arena, the home ground of Stabæk Fotball, and was previously one of the club's main owners.[4]

From the age of two until the age of eighteen, Ulrichsen lived at an orphanage. He is cousin of Queen Sonja.[5] He has had a legal conflict with Sandefjord Municipality regarding his property on Østerøya regarding him trying to hinder the public their freedom to roam.[6]


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